Re-building an old PC

  Heefie 14:20 09 Apr 2005

Hi all, am contemplating re-building an old PC for the kids (to keep them off of this one !!). It's a fair few years old and has a socket-7 motherboard with a din-type keyboard socket, not the PS/2 type. The board measures 22cm x 23 cm.

Could I replace this with anything newer & if so, what should I be looking for ? I'm not talking state of the art here, am likely to pick up cheap stuff on ebay, but I need to know that the board will fit in the case !!!

Any ideas / suggestions (polite ones s> !!!) >

  LastChip 14:32 09 Apr 2005

Sounds very much as though you have an old AT (as compared to ATX) motherboard and more importantly, power supply (do you have a case?).

This limits you to this type of equipment, which ended with the very early Pentiums.

You may be better off looking on e-bay for a complete base unit that is of the later ATX type, or at least a shell (case, motherboard and CPU - memory if possible) and then add the peripherals to that. You can pick up a brand new keyboard for under a fiver!

  Heefie 14:40 09 Apr 2005

I've got loads of spare parts, keyboards, mice, CD drives, Sound cards etc., etc., that's why it's so frustrating ... well, that and the fact that I'm in Ireland and the second hand market is a millionth the size of that in the UK & the prices ten times as much !!!

The M/B is in the original case and the PSU is kaput, so I thought if I had to replace it I might as well update as much as possible !!!

Easier said than done, it seems !!!

  LastChip 14:51 09 Apr 2005

Here's how you check to see if it's an AT unit.

Look at the motherboard power supply cables. If it's an AT unit, the supply cable plug will be in two pieces. Note these can be put in the wrong way around, so be careful to note their orientation. If it's an ATX unit, the plug will be a single plug.

The case can be inspected by taking out the motherboard. Some cases, particularly during the transition period, have motherboard location holes drilled for AT and ATX and in most cases these are marked. Take a look and see. Sometimes if they are marked they refer to A and B, other times they actually mark them AT and ATX.

If the power supply is AT and unserviceable, unless you have a replacement, you will find it difficult (and expensive) to locate a new one. They are almost non-existent now.

  Border Collie 14:54 09 Apr 2005

Have a look click here you can probably use existing monitor, keyboard, mouse etc and transfer some of your hardware.

  LastChip 14:59 09 Apr 2005
  Heefie 20:16 11 Apr 2005

Thanks for that, yes, I took out the PSU and it has a 2 piece power supply ... I also noticed it's only 200W !!!!! And it did everything I wanted of it in thse days, too <g> !!!

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