Re-build of PC

  Migwell 16:19 03 Feb 2010

Advice please on re-building my pc.

I have 2 ISA 200gig hard drives and do not want to replace these I also will keep my CD/DVD ROM/Writer, but want to replace memory, Mother board and main chip. I would like to use an ASUS board and Intel Chip and 4 gig of memory on 64 bit.

The use of the computer is to do office work, Internet and edit Photographs with Adobe Photoshop 8 and use Windows 7 Home Premium to home group with my laptop which is using Win 7 Home Premium also.

Any thoughts on this as it is a long time since I bought motherboards and chips, and feel that I have been left far behind. I have always used ASUS boards and have never had a problem with these but I have always used AMD chips, but as my laptop is using Intel and going like the clappers with only 2 gig memory so I fancy makiing that change.

I have been told by Windows 7 upgrade advisor that my video card is well out of date, so I will need a way of powering my 19" monitor which is digital. I don't mind using onboard sound on 5:1 as I don't use it a lot

Thanks in advance

  howard64 16:49 03 Feb 2010

I built a replacement a few weeks ago for my sister and that was an asus board with an intel core 2 duo 3.0GHz with 2 GB of ram and reasonable graphics card pci-x using her case and dvd writer. The cost of that was about £250 from Novatech. Your main problem is going to be that most motherboards now have very few ide sockets so that with 2 ide drives and I suspect an old dvd drive also ide you will be snookered. Also modern boards have troubles with the main drive not being sata.

  Migwell 00:03 06 Feb 2010


  mr simon 01:49 06 Feb 2010

Have you got a budget Midwell?

  Migwell 13:01 06 Feb 2010

thanks mr simon.
I don't want to spend a fortune, say about £300 if that is OK

  OTT_B 13:33 06 Feb 2010

You might struggle a bit to get 4GB RAM on an Asus board, with an operating system for £300.
The set-up below is only for an idea of what you can look at, other options are surely available.

(Asus mobo) click here (£40.61)


(Q8300 Quad Core Processor) click here (£114.75)


(4GB DDR2-800) click here (£65.49)


(HD4670 Graphics Card) click here (£55.30)


(W7 64bit OEM) click here (£75.82)

Comes to £351.

You can save money by doing one or more of the following:

Changing the processor to a Core 2 Duo (-£30 for E7400)

Reducing RAM to 2GB (-£30)

Non Asus motherboard (-£10)

Reduced graphics (-£10 to -£20 ish)

  howard64 17:24 06 Feb 2010

with an ASUS motherboard stick to 3GB or less if you intend using 32bit but with 64bit you can go above 3GB

  Migwell 01:15 07 Feb 2010

apart from what you say about the memory for 32 bit, will using 64 bit have any advantage over 32 bit in general to the sort of computing I intend to do with this computer,ie photo editing. I have the copy of Win 7 ready and waiting in the wings.

OTT_B thanks for your thoughts, that looks good.

  OTT_B 01:41 07 Feb 2010

"will using 64 bit have any advantage over 32 bit "

It's highly dependant on the specific software you use. It rarely does any harm these days, provding your peripheral hardware (e.g. printer) isn't too old and has drivers supplied. A very small amount of software won't run at all. Typically it tends to be software from very small vendors, and it really is not the norm.

  OTT_B 01:43 07 Feb 2010

Incidentally, even with a 32 bit OS, 4GB RAM is still worth while. The 'lost' RAM is minimal.

  howard64 10:13 07 Feb 2010

up till now asus state quite clearly that 32bit cannot handle more than 3GB on 32 bit with their motherboards. My core 2 duo e6850 was much slower with 4GB than it was with the original 2GB. I then read the manual and installed the 64 bit os. I have found a few progs that will not work with the 64bit but most is fine. My old webcam also will not work with 64 bit but I have had it about 5 years.

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