Re-build only 2 thirds successful...

  [email protected] 08:55 27 Feb 2006

[All reference to my older 2nd PC]
I replaced the Asus A7V-VM mobo with an MSI KM3MV so it would accept the AMD Athlon 3000+ which was surplus to requirements after my first re-build. I also changed the PSU [150w] for a 350w unit which was also surplus. The new mobo also inherited the DDR memory and NFORCE2 graphics card.
The OS is WinMe which will be changed for XP just as soon as the system is up and running - OK so far.
Direct contradiction - MSI write everywhere Do Not Flash the BIOS from a floppy and state Do not Flash the BIOS from a file on the HDD! Unaware of the latter until afterwords I managed successful BIOS flash from the HDD by creating a folder in C:\ while working in Safe Mode (do I delete this folder now?). Note: the PC will boot into Safe Mode no problem and I have no problem entering BIOS.
Problem is, I can't get any further as the PC won't boot into the OS :-( It goes through the motions with the quick system display followed by a WinMe splash screen then it's just the BSOD. I realise it could be one of several things but maybe there is an important step I have omitted. All the BIOS settings look normal with all drives recognised etc. Any advice would be appreciated.

  quack 09:10 27 Feb 2006

Format the drive using a Win ME or 98 Boot disk and do a fresh install of the OS. Problem possibly caused by conflict between new mobo and OS files.

  [email protected] 09:37 27 Feb 2006

Hi quack. I had thought about doing a fresh install and even managed to dig out my Emergency Start floppy prepared some years ago. Problem is, I am not sure how to get the installation disk "read". What I mean is, in the past I used to put the CD installation disc in the drive - power down then switch on and away I went, but this doesn't happen. It's as though the drive isn't being read?

  [email protected] 09:47 27 Feb 2006

Well - I just booted into safe mode, dropped the 1st installtion CD into the "other" tray, the DVD reader, did a Ctl/Alt/Del twice and I see to be up and running with the fresh install! Uhhhh, watch this space and thanks ;-)

  [email protected] 09:51 27 Feb 2006

Ahh, more problems. It's now telling me the the installation disc's are for an HP Pavilion [which I suppose it now isn't because of the changes]. More reading to be done, thanks for the response.

  [email protected] 10:06 27 Feb 2006

I suppose I have run into the "One OS, One PC" situation, is there any way around this or does it mean I should have bought a new mobo from HP?

  clayton 11:24 27 Feb 2006

If you have an copy of Windows ME or XP get the pc to boot from that, you old installation cd will be of little use as youve changed the motherboard.

  quack 12:13 27 Feb 2006

As clayton says if you hjave an XP disk go into BIOS and set the boot option to read CDROM as first boot option put the XP disk in the drive and follow the on screen instructions. It should give you the option to format the drive choose NTFS Quick and all should then be well. If you don't have an XP disk but have the boot floppy select boot without CD support and on reaching the A: prompt type in 'format C:/' with out the inverted commas and press enter. When format is finished shutdown machine by using Power button. Switch on again and this time select Boot with CDROM support. Put ME disk in and again follow on screen instructions. All this is assuming you have an OS disk not the Restore disk that you seem to have tried - it won't work because you are right when you say that the machine is no longer HP.

  [email protected] 12:35 27 Feb 2006

Sorry for the delay. I was just on a one/one chat line with HP who were extremely helpful in trying to get the issue resolved. The old installation disc's are dead now because of the mobo change so at least that's confirmed. I did have a go at slotting my own XP disc in and I was given the opportunity of installing that but I opted not to do so as it's English and I want French for my wife. So that's the answer: the OS [Provided by HP] no longer recognises my PC as a HP and therefore there is direct conflict. A retail version of Me would go in though. At least I know where I stand and can stop playing around with BIOS settings LOL. I don't want to put the HP mobo back as the whole purpose of the change was the upgrade with perfectly serviceable and better components. What an exercise! Thanks for the posts. ;-)

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