re-boot problem

  jbaker65 09:49 09 Oct 2008

We are sometimes told "please reboot your computer" If I do this by switching off and then switching on again (a cold boot) all is fine, BUT if I do this by clicking restart (a hot boot), the computer shuts down tries to switch on again and after being given the option to go into bios the screen goes black and the message "error loading operating system" appears.
If I now cut the power and switch on again it boots up fine.
What is going on?

  Technotiger 10:03 09 Oct 2008

This could happen as a result of infection - you should run all your anti-everything programs and then see if it is still happening.

Plus it might help also to run click here in its default settings.

  johndrew 10:07 09 Oct 2008

You are doing it wrong.

For a reboot you should either click the `Reboot Now` button in the request box if there is one or go to `Start/Restart my computer` and click the green `Restart` button.

Restarting by shutting the PC down (pressing the power button or selecting `Turn Off`) will work but it is a long way around.

If you turn it off at the mains (or press the reset button) you are effectively crashing the computer and may corrupt files.

  spuds 10:08 09 Oct 2008

It looks like a bit of a clean out is required. Do you do regular checks with latest updated anti-virus, spyware,registry programs!.

Failing all that (run anti's etc), a reformat or repair might be an option!.

  jbaker65 10:10 09 Oct 2008

Thanks Technotiger, I regularly run Crap-cleaner, Spybot S&D, Superantispyware and Winaso.
These have found no problems.

  jbaker65 10:14 09 Oct 2008

John Drew, I chose my wording badly. When I said switch off, I meant I clicked reboot now. Thanks anyway.
Spuds, I do clean out regularly. (see answer to Technotiger.)

  Technotiger 10:22 09 Oct 2008

Hmm, I am afraid then that it is possible that your hard-drive is warning you, of possible catastrophic failure.

Make sure that you have all your important stuff backed-up, Acronis is best for this if you have an external hard-drive to save the back-up.

  spuds 10:44 09 Oct 2008

Just a thought.If you go to the hard-drive manufacturers website, you may find a 'test' download available, which would/could check the hard-drive for possible faults and failures.

A simple Google search might provide other means and downloads!.

  birdface 11:06 09 Oct 2008

If an oldish computer maybe check that the air vents are clear of dust and fluff.If so inside will also need cleaning out.Make sure all fans are working Ok.Defrag.When was the last time you ran one.Or my computer.Right click c drive and press properties.Tools.Check now,Tick both boxes and reboot the computer it should take about an hour to run so grab a book or go walkies.

  jbaker65 11:34 09 Oct 2008

Thanks Buteman. Newish build so it's pretty clean. I'll try the 'check now' and take my two dalmatians for walkies. Check back with you later.

  jbaker65 08:54 11 Oct 2008


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