Re AVG and Netsky C. Now how do I prevent it

  User-324448 10:42 11 Mar 2004

My thanks to Stuartli and ianeon for your help on this matter. I have got rid of the Worm with your help, but surely AVG should have prevented it coming in if not what do I need to do to prevent it happening. I have XP Home and AVG free.I also use Mailwasher but perhaps not well enough.Prof

  Belatucadrus 11:06 11 Mar 2004

These worms spread fast, the only real hope you have of keeping on top of them is to update any Anti Virus at least once a day.

  Big Elf 11:09 11 Mar 2004

Also delete any suspicious looking emails without opening them.

  The Spires 11:16 11 Mar 2004

Don't open unknown mail.

  User-324448 12:21 11 Mar 2004

Yes this is what I thought, I just hoped that maybe I was doing something wrong and that there was a magic programme which would bannish the little bug @^Zx s. Thaks Prof.

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