Re-assure me on System Backup - please

  Chris the Ancient 17:30 29 Apr 2007

Running with Win XP. System (only) on a primary partition of C: and Data (only) on an extended partition logical drive of D:

Backing up my system onto an IDE, removable, HDD in a caddy with drives of E: and F:

For ages I used Norton Ghost 2002 because I liked the way it ran off a boot floppy disk, and was so quick.

Then I upgraded to Ghost 9.0. That seemed to create a backup - until the day I needed to do a restore! It wouldn't; so I had to do a system reload from scratch. Yeuchh!

So, I went back to Ghost 2002. And it _seemed_ to be backing up OK (not that I ever had to do a restore). Until today. It just seems to fail to read my system drive properly and bombs out of recording.

I believe that I may have to bite the bullet and go for Acronis True Image 10 as it seems to do what I want and I don't mind paying for a good image maker.


* Is it good?
* Is it reliable?
* And, importantly, is it easy?


  Pineman100 17:42 29 Apr 2007

If you're not too fussed about having the latest version of Acronis True Image, Amazon will sell you version 8.0 for about £12.00. It hasn't got the latest bells and whistles, but will still do what you want.

  SANTOS7 17:43 29 Apr 2007

I have just recovered from a terminal failure of my HDD which cost me dear as my secondary HDD with my backup on it was corrupt, during the process of rebuilding upgrading and other things i purchased a copy of Acronis10 true image home, can't fault it its a superb piece of software (tis for me anyway) and should meet your needs,good luck...

Have to say i use it now with the confidence that if i need to restore my files Acronis will do the job.....

  Chris the Ancient 17:45 29 Apr 2007


Looking good so far.


  flyboy 18:20 29 Apr 2007

Used V8 + V9, now on V10, running on 3 systems, now on two. well worth the money. Never let me down. Best on the market for me.

  Chris the Ancient 19:42 29 Apr 2007

Based on the glowing reports, I've ordered v10.

Thanks for the feedback.


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