re acer AS3692WLMI from comet 60gb or not?

  frankie 20:36 20 Nov 2006

re acer AS3692WLMI from comet 60gb or not? i purchased this laptop it plainly says 60gb harddrive,but on looking in my computer properties its showing a c drive 25gb and a d drive at 25 gb i would expect there to be a recovery partition but 10 gb? also does that mean there are two hardrives in there or a partioned one? i would have just liked a 60gb,then i would know where i not sure how to use the second d drive anyway.few questions there all help appreciated

  frankie 21:04 20 Nov 2006


  birdface 21:13 20 Nov 2006

Well It certainly says 60 gb, click here this lookes like the one, You need someone that knows what they are talking about to help,Does look on paper if you are right,

  frankie 21:40 20 Nov 2006

ok thanks for looking

  frankie 22:52 20 Nov 2006

every one asleep tonight or gone to other site?

  birdface 23:15 20 Nov 2006

Dont seem to be a lot of response, Maybe header could have been Changed a bit,Probably sounds as though you are wanting to buy a new one,Like you, I think 25+25=50, So I cant see why they advertise it as 60GB,But I am sure someone will come in and explain it to you,Best of luck,

  Ashrich 01:14 21 Nov 2006

I think we are looking at 60,000,000 bytes , not 60 gigabytes , manufacturers cheat and quote 1,000 bytes as a megabyte instead of 1024 bytes , multiply that by 1000 then by 60 and the difference is quite a bit , then format it and you lose more , my 320gb Maxtor SATAII hard drive ends up as 298gb , losing a full 22gb . Right click on each drive and select properties and see how many " bytes " are quoted .


  frankie 19:05 21 Nov 2006

still not sure if i have one thats partioned or two at 30 gb ish?

  frankie 14:06 22 Nov 2006


  De Marcus™ 14:10 22 Nov 2006

You have a 60gb drive that is partitioned. You also have a hidden partition which will be around 4gb. If you take the two 25gb and the 4gb and add them up, your only missing 6gb's, still a fair bit but you need to also take into account your operating system and programs, documents, etc. The rest of the missing space is down to how (as explained above) manufacturers quote disk space.

  ed-0 14:25 22 Nov 2006

We have the same laptop

As mentioned above

Windows measures the Gb's of a hard drive in a different way to hard drive manufacturers. A 60Gb manufacturers hard drive will show around 56Gb in windows.

so you are down to


Acer laptops have a recovery partition that stores all the windows folders on the hard drive. This is 4Gb, on ours.

so thats


Acer format and partition the drive in fat32, now thats not as efficient as NTFS as the cluster size is different. So for the partition to be made, split the disk and for it to be in fat32, so the restore disk can access the hidden partition, you loose space. Maybe 500Mb to 1Gb

so that could take you down to around

51Gb, approx.

We merged the partitions with acronis disk director. When we measured the new C drive with the hidden partition, the total size was around 56+ Gb.

So a 60Gb disk.

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