OK Computer 09:42 04 Jun 2003

Can RD RAM be mixed with either SD RAM or DDR, and I noticed that the memory in question was 128mb RD RAM PC800 as far as I know DDR RAM only goes to PC400, does this mean that RD RAM completely out performs DDR??

Thanks in advance

generally you cannot mix the two types of memory,
rambus has a completely different internal architecture to sdram, at this stage in the game rdram only outperforms ddr ram to the smallest degree and only on memory write operations.

intel has finally abandoned rambus completely in desktop systems so its not a road to go down unless you are very rich and run some seriously high end server systems although i would stick my neck out and say that it is the best memory that money can buy (but then i have a willamette so i would)

  OK Computer 10:12 04 Jun 2003


Its just a friend I know needs to upgrade his memory in his PC from 128mb to 512mb. He is currently got RDRAM in his PC. Would it be cheaper to buy 512mb ddr outright or upgrade his RDRAM?

Also the memory slots that RD use have no problem seeing DDR do they??

he will have to buy rd ram . the motherboard will only support that and nothing else.
tell us the motherboard details and we'll have a look or tell him/her to download the motherboard manual from the manufactures website. you cannot put ddr sdram in a rimm slot.

pc 800 memory gives the best bandwidth match for a P4 with a 400mhz fsb. there are other complications due to the dual channel nature of most rambus systems which mean all the modules must be the same and installed in pairs. this is likely to mean that presently he/she has 2x64MB rimms which will have to go if you buy 4x 128MB modules, as that is a £140 upgrade it might be worth having a long hard look at the value of it against selling the system and moving on.

ps . if he/she is going to buy more rdram do it now the price is set to rise very sharply in the next couple of weeks.

  OK Computer 10:32 04 Jun 2003

Thanks, I will have a word with him.

Do you have to pair your memory modules?

For example he couldnt have 64mb 64mb 128mb 256mb?

they all need to be the same because they work in pairs but as i say read the manual for the particular board because some of the later intel chipsets dont use the dual channel architecture and the manual will tell you exactly what it can take.

  dave h 11:04 04 Jun 2003

Also note that the memory already fitter will probably be in slots 1 & 3 with slots 2 & 4 each having a 'dummy' board fitted.
The new memory modules will have to replace these 'dummies', the board won't work without either a module or a 'dummy' in every slot.
(at least that was true of mine when I added memory)

  OK Computer 11:10 04 Jun 2003

OK I opened the PC up. By the way its a
Dell Optiplex GX400

horiz5 you mentioned you had a willamette well this Dell does as well.

I'm going to download the manual, currently as you said it has 2 64mb modules in slot 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 have dummy boards fitted.

Therefore Im thinking that his only option will be to have two 256mb ram modules. (will he be able to keep his 2 x 64mb modules?).

I will download the manual for the motherboard and see what it says,

Btw is the price hike just with RD or memory in general? And any ideas why?

the price hike is going to be specific to RDram because Intel will no longer be using it in new systems therefore the market will be much much smaller QED the price will rise.

be very careful upgrading a DELL computer ,they can be a little tricky. and it might not be so easy to get the motherboard manual as with other systems

  Bailey08787 13:21 04 Jun 2003

i have 2x128mb rdram in slots 1 & 2, and 2x256mb rdram in slots 3 & 4

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