trevorp5 08:59 16 Apr 2009

Hi all. I have an Advent 4213 Netbook (Atom 1.6, 160Gb disk, 2Mb memory)running XP. A file RCX.tmp has appeared on my desktop and I am unable to trace where it originated. I have scanned all files and folders using Avast A/Virus,Malwarebyte,EasyCleaner,SuperAntiSpyware and none report any problems.
Would appreciate assistance.
Regards T Pillar

  tullie 09:07 16 Apr 2009

Dont know if this helps atallclick here

  interzone55 09:25 16 Apr 2009

files ending .tmp are generally temporary files that have been created by an application.

MS Office and Open Office create a temporary file whilst a document is open, then delete it when you close the file, these files are in the same folder as the original and start with a tilda (~wordfile.doc). Sometimes these files are accidentally left behind when the application is closed.

try opening the file in notepad, it may give you a clue about it's origins.

If you stick the file in the recycle bin and leave it there for a day or two, if nothing untoward happens delete it...

  trevorp5 09:37 16 Apr 2009

Many thanks tullie, I renamed the RCP.tmp file to RCP.exe, as your link to the MSDN Forum reply suggests, ran it and identified the program producing it (Steganos Locknote).
Appreciate the rapid reply and solutiuon.
Thanks also alan14.
Regards to all TP

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