Ray5776 22:49 13 Oct 2005

Had TV card for about 18mnths worked fine. suddenly got blue screen message on booting. Machine would only boot if I removed the TV card. I bought another
TV card but still have the same problem. Wont boot up when TV card installed. Using Win2000 pro, 2g pent 4 proccessor,512 mem.
Any Ideas?


  GaT7 22:57 13 Oct 2005

Have you tried installing it in another PCI slot? G

  AndySD 23:06 13 Oct 2005

How far into the boot does it go. If its almost to windiws try reinstalling the motherboard drivers before fitting the card.

  Graham ® 08:35 14 Oct 2005

So the problem is 'ray'?

  PaulB2005 08:42 14 Oct 2005

Whats the error message on the BSOD?

  Ray5776 16:12 14 Oct 2005

Thanks for your replies,
Tried another PCI slot, same thing.

BSOD reads ***STOP: 0x0000001E (0x0000005,0x8041E32D,0x00000000,0x0000001D)
Address 8041E32D base at 80400000,Datestamp 427b58bb-ntoskrnl.exe

  VoG II 16:17 14 Oct 2005

Some possibilities click here

  woodchip 16:23 14 Oct 2005

I would say this is trying to access already allocated memory

  Ray5776 16:58 14 Oct 2005

A bit more info,

Machine recognises and installs the card, it is when I install the drivers and then reboot Bsod appears.i.e I can find the card in Device Manager with the yellow exclamation mark by it. When I click on it it says "No drivers for this device" I then install the drivers and it says finished. Does not tell me to reboot but I cannot access the device, when I do reboot BSOD message.

  Ray5776 17:00 14 Oct 2005

Thanks for your suggestion Woodchip, how would I sort this out?

  woodchip 17:25 14 Oct 2005

It can be a problem as the card may be set to work at a give location in memory. only way to try is in Device Manager, Double click the Item then right click to properties it should be under Resources. But just looked and they are grayed out in XP so it may need for you to try this in safe Administrator mode to adjust settings. Make a note of the auto settings first then you can restore if it does not work

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