RAW harddrive format

  Cuddles 19:39 16 Feb 2008

For some unknown reason one of my secondary hard drives is showing as a RAW format, any ideas how to get back to NTFS?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:29 16 Feb 2008
  UncleP 00:48 17 Feb 2008

Yes, went through a similar situation a couple of years ago click here

Basically the RAW format indicates some corruption of your HD, probably in one of the more important areas eg partition table, FAT or whatever it's called now, etc. If you have no obvious reason for its occurrence, and there are important files on the disk, assume the worst - that is, the HD is failing and the corruption is going to get more extensive. So don't write to it, use it as little as possible, and reckon you may have only one or two tries at recovering the data.

The best you can do under these circumstances is to retrieve as much as possible using a file recovery program of the type suggested by Fruit Bat and copy this onto a different (and reliable!) HD. You might eventually find that your HD is ok, and that the corruption was caused by a malfunction in your machine, but - believe me - it's much better to be safe than sorry.

If you have backed up the data and wish to continue using the HD, I don't think there's much alternative to re-formatting it and re-loading the data. I would check it out thoroughly first before relying on it again, eg by doing a disk scan to look at the number of bad sectors, and running a SMART utility on it for a month or so to check if any of the disk operating parameters are drifting excessively.

  Cuddles 14:06 17 Feb 2008

Thanks to you both for your help and suggestions, it is not a major problem as it's only a 30gb drive that is used for odds and ends, will probably reformat to NTFS again.

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