rave pctv card- worth getting ?

  grabster 16:28 14 Sep 2003

I'm about to buy the rave card to enable me to drop my home vids to svcd,just wanna ask if anyone has used this card to connect to an anolog camcorder and what they think of the results.
Plus what else can it do for an encore ?

  Chegs ® 16:46 14 Sep 2003

Crash my OS,refuse to allow sound onto recordings,lockup my puter if I use PCTV Recorder.....

Its the crappiest piece of hardware I ever bought for my puter!

  grabster 16:53 14 Sep 2003

Deary me, any more opinions ?

  grabster 23:23 14 Sep 2003


  MAJ 23:42 14 Sep 2003

Yup I use it, have done for the past two years, excellent piece of kit and only cost £30. I have recorded TV programmes to my hard drive with it and watched TV on the monitor while surfing the net. I did have sound problems with it in the beginning but the new XP drivers sorted that problem. I have never taken video direct from an analogue video camera, coz I didn't have the correct lead, but I believe it's possible. To record video from my camcorder (rather, my sister's camcorder) I just played the video through the TV and recorded it that way. There are better, more expensive, TV cards than the Rave, but for £30 I can't complain. It's still installed in it's PCI slot and has never caused any conflicts or crashes.

  Rtus 00:13 15 Sep 2003

I use one And its my third PCTV card Ive bought over the years.... 2 mates also use it..
We find no problems with anything we do with it ..Gives reasonable results for pennies spent..And Ive done a fair bit of recording with it and Studio-7 also by pinnacle...

  Kitz E Kat 00:20 15 Sep 2003

got a so called PCTV card a Pinnacle, the greatest waste of money, short of sticking it down the drain, i did a test....

Nine out of ten Katz said they failed to waste money quicker than buying a TV card....

So there you go....

Nine out of ten Katz can't be wrong!!!!

Kitz E Kat

  tomhealy 08:08 15 Sep 2003

I've had one for the last year, not got any complaints at all for the money paid for it.

  grabster 09:02 16 Sep 2003

thanks for all the info,Gonna nip into pc world today n get one.
I'll post my findings when i get it up n running.

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