Rattle coming from pc

  Daiol 20:05 19 Feb 2010

Hi,I have a desktop pc running windows xp pro.Over the last few weeks when the pc startsup i can hear a rattle coming from inside the tower,Also it does happen when i put a scan to go and when i open up a program eg this site it rattles.
Could this be serious i thought it could be one of the fans the only fans i have is te cpu & psu.I hope you'r not going to say hdd ?.
Any help please.

  rdave13 20:07 19 Feb 2010

No case fan at the back?

  Technotiger 20:07 19 Feb 2010

'fraid we are going to mention Hard drive, but check out your fans physically first, see if anything loose in that area - if nothing amiss there, then yes I will mention Hard drive again! I hope you have all your important stuff backed up!

  rdave13 20:25 19 Feb 2010

Clean out all the dust from inside the PC. I use an artists paint brush to gently dislodge the the dust and a vacuum nozzle, not far away, to remove.
Check no cables brushing on the fan blades and when you're satisfied everything's clear and clean then try the PC. If you are having the same problem then I agree with Technotiger.

  Daiol 22:08 19 Feb 2010

Thanks all.Regarding the cleanout i did all that this morning and there are no obstuctions regarding cables etc,When the pc is running and idle its okay its just when the load goes on its rattling.Yes only two fans i have,'the one on the power supply unit & the other on the cpu'.
Anyway it does look like hdd,when i go for a new one is there any paticular one that i should look for i see sometimes on the pc advisor mag it states sata drives,what should i be loking for?,And is it a simple job to reintall windows i have a windows disc,& yes i do have a full up to date backup.
Help please.Thanks for replies.

  canarieslover 22:20 19 Feb 2010

If you are going to replace the hard drive I would suggest cloning your current drive onto the new drive as that will save you a lot of time. Free software to perform clone is available here click here or invest in Acronis. I have used Easeus to do a clone recently so I know that it works. The main reason for a clone is all the updates if you do a re-install. I had to press my XP machine back into use, after several months without use, and it downloaded in excess of 50 updates. Seemed to take longer than my original install of XP.

  Technotiger 22:34 19 Feb 2010

I agree with canarieslover, Cloning is definitely the way to go - direct from the old drive to the new drive.

A SATA drive is better than IDE. No problem even if you do not have SATA connections on your motherboard, SATA/IDE adapters are readily available.

  ame 23:23 19 Feb 2010

Doesn't sound like it, but I presume you don't have a very small chipset fan and heatsink on the motherboard? I have one, and it's noisy.

  Daiol 11:20 21 Feb 2010

Sorry for delay,We have come to the conclusion that it is the hdd,So have decided to replace with a new 500gb hdd.
Now one other thing I have two hdd one named D And the other C,which is the main one.How to i decide wich one is the C drive?.I notice that i have a black connection on one and grey on the other flat cable connections i mean,Does that hel me.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:47 21 Feb 2010

Shut down switch off , disconnect one drive, reboot if it wont boot to windows then you haave disconnected the c: drive.

How do you know which drive is rattling?

  Daiol 14:10 21 Feb 2010

Fruit Bat /\0/\ ,Thanks foolowed your info and yes it is C drive that is causing the problem.I will be doing a complete reinstall of windows xp pro the guy thats doing the reinstall for me said that he would upgrade to a 64bit so i could have 4gb ram.What would your comments be on that is it coorect.??.

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