Rather Large Windows XP Pro

  Cantillion 23:21 14 Oct 2003

I was curious to know why my Windows installation was alarming large (15GB) and it seems the answer lies in eight system files representing 10.4GB. These are found at the route of the Windows file and are broadly equivalent in size to my pagefile.sys; they're labelled a rather unhelpful 0,1,2 ... all the way to 7. Now I tried a quick google search, but if you put rubbish in you get rubbish results out, and I can't really think of a way to formulate my search!

Well, my problem is that I can't see why these are needed. I couldn't delete them, but booted into another copy of XP on another drive and deleted them that way. On rebooting, there they were again. I refuse to believe XP need 10GB of my harddrive to operate. Anybody have any ideas what's gone wrong?

To give you more info, the particular XP install is OLD (well, about a year), was upgraded from win 98, copied from one partition to another and chaged from FAT32 to NTFS.

Any ideas??? Anyone???

  woody 00:17 15 Oct 2003

Why not do a clean install?

  Switcher 01:13 15 Oct 2003

Rename them

If this does not affect performance delete them

  Cantillion 06:56 15 Oct 2003

I wanted to avoid a clean install as its's set up "just so" - it would take me ages to get the system back to how I want it and in the past I've always been too quick to re-install and have invarianlt forgotten to back up something vitally important such as bookmarks or emails!

Not sure that renaming will do the trick as I've already deleted the files... and they just came back!!! Windows is obviously creating these on boot up - I just don't understand why!

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