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  timber 11:51 04 Jun 2003

would appreciate any comments and ideas

click here


  Pesala 12:25 04 Jun 2003

Nice background, cannot read the text on red backgrounds. None of the links work, and the email address is not active.

  timber 16:32 04 Jun 2003

Thanks for your comments.
Have changed the background colour and linked the email but there are no other links,do you think that I should get rid of the underlining where applicable.
This was done on Front Page bur not to keen on the spacing between lines any ideas on how to make it a bit more compact.


  Falkyrn 17:49 04 Jun 2003

A couple of suggestions .. hope I don't cause offence

Could I suggest that rather than having a long list you consider using a table to seperate the information into perhaps 2 columns to give a more readable look. I would also consider using left justification of the text rather than centering everything.

The Logo on the top left seems to be a gif image with the background set as transparent ..the only problem is that much of the logo appears to be a similar colour and is also transparent allowing the background to show through and ruining the image.

  timber 17:56 04 Jun 2003


Can assure you that no offence will be taken at all as this is my first go at doing a web site so will always be open to any suggestions.See your point about using columns but can,t think of another way of doing the logo as it was a jpeg which I converted,had read somewhere it was better to have gif on web sites?????

thanks for your input


  Pesala 17:59 04 Jun 2003

I would remove all of the background colours, and limit the number of colours used for fonts to Blue and Black.

A LOT of wasted space could be saved by reformatting. The spacing between lines is not too much. Use Text Size rather than CAPITALS to distinguish headings from subheadings. The address could be formatted in a single block:

<B>Contact:<b> 74 High Street, Monifieth, Angus DD5 4AG

<B>Tel :</b> 01382 534526

<B>Link:</b> RBLS Scotland


Monday • Wednesday • Saturday

If there are no links, there should be no underlining. When people see underlining they expect it to be a link. Links are useful to show more details on a separate page, and help you to limit the amount of detail you try to cram onto the Home Page.

  Pesala 18:17 04 Jun 2003

I hope that you have a good quality original, but a better copy can be found here click here The colours are less washed out. The best format to use is GIF because you want to have transparency. PNG format is also possible, then you can have 24-bit colour plus transparency.

Somehow the transparency has spoiled the image. The image has also dropped lower than the one on the right. They should be more or less the same vertical position. Align centre vertically.

  timber 18:33 04 Jun 2003


thanks again have now got plenty to keep me going for the time being so will close thread down for now but may be back later.
thanks all


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