Rate my site, where can I Improve ?

  mrperfectpz 21:20 30 Mar 2004

Can you have a look at my site, see what you think, and where I can improve things ( I am still learning, so be gentle ! )

I had some good advise about improving things about 2-3 weeks ago and have tried to impliment them. ( Thanks to : whatsupdoc + Taran )

Please take a look click here


  barryoneoff.co.uk 23:34 30 Mar 2004

on full screen, but sideways scrolling on an 800 window. Also, I don't know if you're on BB, but it takes an eternity to load on dial up.

Good luck, Whiz...

  Forum Editor 23:38 30 Mar 2004

- all of a hundred years or so ago - I had a maths teacher who knew his subject inside out and backwards. He knew it so well that he had a major failing - he tended to assume that we knew things as well as he did, and as a consequnece he often left us wondering what on earth he was talking about. Ever since I've referred to that as the Jones syndrome (his name was Jones).

Your site suffers from the Jones syndrome as far as I can see. I reckon it might take a casual visitor around a minute or so before he'she realised what the site was all about - there's no reference to the subject matter on the homepage at all. 'Penwithpool' 'ladies pool'and 'county pool' might all be swimming pools - there's nothing to grab the attention and define the content.

A homepage should be a shop window, showcasing the site's purpose and content - so interested visitors can delve deeper, and disinterested ones might be tempted. A picture (or graphic) of a pool-player actually at the table would do it, or a short strapline "The home of eightball pool in West Cornwall". A couple of other points spring to mind:-

1. Once you've identified yourselves it might be an idea to include an 'about us' page - telling people who you are, what your aims are, where you are in terms of exact location ( a map would be good), and how you may be contacted.

2. The rules page scrolls too far - you would achieve a far better, 'tighter' look if you used a table and split it into two columns, so more text would appear on the screen - it's easy to do in NetObjects Fusion.

3. Spelling could do with some correction - 'league's' should be 'leagues', 'question's' should be 'questions' and 'yesturday' should be 'yesterday'. It's worth running all text through a spell-checker before it goes onto the page.

You have the makings of an interesting and informative site there, although it's obviously targeted at a specific audience, and I don't mean to sound discouraging - I can see you've worked hard. Take time to sit and look at your work with new eyes - imagine you are seeing it for the first time, and think about how you might react to it. A few tweaks here and there, plus the addition of an 'about us' page should work wonders.

  ©®@$? 07:32 31 Mar 2004

Forum Editor good advice

  IClaudio 09:46 31 Mar 2004

I'm on BB and it takes half an eternity to load :)

Another problem with the Rules page is that clicking on an 'anchor' link takes you out of the frame, thus losing all the navigation.

On the Gallery page, beneath the photos is a 'Click here' link: it doesn't say why. And it's redundant anyway, as you have an e-mail link in the top frame.

"Do you have any question's" doesn't require the apostrophe. Neither does "Profile's".

From the "Links" page, the Links should open in a new window to prevent users wandering away from your site.

Overall, the site looks clean, but things seem to be scattered around the pages in a haphazard fashion, a bit of tightening up would work wonders.

  desbest 09:48 31 Mar 2004

Needs more colours.

No big blue cross pictures next to the headings on home page.

Logo frame too big and bland.

  Aspman 10:03 31 Mar 2004

<personal opinion>

Ditch the animated clip art. It always looks a bit tacky and the files tend to be a bit porky for dial up.

I think you are using too many fonts. Your links in your top bar are different to your titles (comic sans I think) which are different again to the sub headings.

Your top bar logo/menu is nice and clean and it matches with the buttons you have placed through the site. It does clash with the yellow banner you have placed below it. I would try to change that to make it fit more with the other colours you have used.

Something odd happens when I right click on the Q-bar animated box inthe middle of the page, it seems to jump out of frame.

Your site seems to be built for 800x600 but you use very large fonts and big images for your page headlines. It take up a lot of space on the screen and forces the pages to scroll more than neeeded. Possibly you could smaller (shallower) images around your page title text to free up the space.

It's not bad though.

</personal opinion>

  joelmb 11:54 01 Apr 2004

The banner graphic is too large at 32k which probably is accounting for the load up time.

I normally work on keeping web pages in total to 40k so youve only got 8k to play with there.

Try optimising it - fireworks and photoshop/image ready allow you to preview optimised images, and will tell you the file size it will be - you should ideally be using a banner graphic of no more than 10k.

I tried it and optimising in fireworks as jpeg quality=73, smoothing=0 does it.

  joelmb 12:09 01 Apr 2004

You <i>probably</i> also want to change the administration rights on your forum also. Ahem.

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