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  ianf7525 16:53 12 Apr 2009

Our site has been up and running for a few months now, and we would like your opinion on the whole site experience. Don't pull your punches! We are already aware of some of its failings, but we need visitors honest opinion on where we can improve.
Many Thanks

  ianf7525 16:57 12 Apr 2009

Would probably help if I put a link to the site!

click here


  Kemistri 19:51 14 Apr 2009

Have you viewed this in a user agent that blocks or does not support scripting? I'm guessing not, but you really should. Then you will see it how around 10% of your visitors - plus search engine spiders and people who have to use assistive software - will see your website.

Your HTML has some validation errors (though there is only one in the CSS) that you should fix. I didn't bother doing any cross-platform viewing, but you need to do so if you haven't already, of course.

Arguably the worst problem is the very old fashioned design. That will put off a lot of visitors in that crucial <1 second that a site has to make a sub-consciously positive impression. It left me reluctant to spend very much time examining it in depth for the purposes of providing feedback.

  ianf7525 06:59 15 Apr 2009

Marg7 & Kemistri

Many thanks for your comments, they are most welcome.
the column of ads was meant to be temporary and the space will be used for commercial ad skyscraper eventually, but just utilising the space to advertise my own bits of the site. I take your comments about the main links. The search function is there solely because when people visit the 'how it works' pages etc I loose the tabs and they can only use the home page to begin searching for a vehicle, this offers a more direct route.
Kemistri, I will have to leave the more technical stuff to my web team. The overall look of the site was 100% my idea so I take full responsibility for the old fashioned look. So mnay of these types of sites look the same, so I wanted something different and aimed for something 'classic'. I may have missed the mark, and as such may be the reason why the majority of my visitors are looking at 2 or 3 pages and then leaving. This is something that I will need to address.
Thanks again, very helpful.

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