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  LinuxPenguin 03:08 15 Feb 2005

click here - out of ten what do you think? i wrote the entire thing myself, inlcuding the javascript, save a cookies script which is faulty...

be sure to try the folding menus ;p

  LinuxPenguin 15:32 15 Feb 2005


i wondered about the graphics myself, but in the end decided id rather go with them because they look awful at lower quality.

in any case, most people nowadays are moving to dialup, and with the state the game is in now i doubt even broadband will be able ti run it.

the reason i chose the blue text is because i took the colour directly out of the banner picture, i thought the colours might match better. i also considered using a slightly dimmer orange than the yellowi used for my folding navpanels.

i will correct those spelling errors, the storylines have already bee nrpoofread but i never noticed those headers...

the font is tahoma, not the standard arial, which im not keen on. What would you recommend instead?

  LinuxPenguin 17:29 15 Feb 2005

lol yes. i know the 404s, the entire security section does as well, and you can browse the index of /forums/, but as theres only an emtpy folder in there...

as can be seen on the pa foorum (that link works) they will have to get the file through me as i only get 8gig/mth bandwidth on that site

  LinuxPenguin 17:29 15 Feb 2005

and i used to use verdana but its so "common", tahoma looks more professional

  Taran 17:42 15 Feb 2005

Nice overall with a lot of potential, but the colour scheme was difficult for me (I'm colourblind) and you have some serious issues with some of the navigation.

Your Security Forum link click here leads to an Apache directory display, showing the files you have in that folder. You need to adjust the link to point to the buddy.php file inside the directory or include a default file (index.htm index.html, index.php or index.shtml are the common file names recognised by Apache) to load into the visitors browser.

The buddy.php file, since I'm on the subject, throws up an error when called as follows:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in /home/craterso/public_html/forums/security/buddy.php on line 241

Your 'nasties removal' link also leads to an error page and the Download, Links, and Contact links at the bottom of the page all lead nohwere and result in a 404 error.

I decided against progressing any further at that stage and so I don't know whether your other navigation works.

Are you certain that you wrote the JavaScript ?

It looks very familiar - I'm sure I've seen it before somewhere.

Your "Site Content (c) James Laver - Cratersoft" and "Site best viewed in 1024x768 in Mozilla Firefox" text, as well as your footer text, is diffcult to read against a similar coloured background.

"Best viewed in" statements should, I believe, be avoided at all costs. Make something that all the mainstream browsers can cope with and you won't be alienating anyone from the outset. It's not for anyone to say which browser I should be using to view your site...

As I said above, this has potential and I don't mean to rubbish your work. On the contrary, I think you are off to a flying start, but your images need optimising for the web and your navigation needs serious attention.

I'd script something appropriate to deny directory views in the event of a hyperlink error. You really don't want people to have access to any part of your directory structure without good reason.

Good luck with it.

  LinuxPenguin 19:41 15 Feb 2005

not to be nasty, but you just were to me.

had you read my previous posts you'd realise i'd already commented about the 404's, the directory listings and the size of the images.

i will remove that buddy.php thing now via ftp, ive been meaning to do it for a while (part of an improperly removed yabb forum)

in future please read the comments that have already been made before making out im writing crap.

and yes, as i said, the script is entirely my own work except for the cookies handling which i got off a site.

and you would not believe how long it took to make it work, due to IEs lack of standards compatibility. btw on non javascript browsers, the folding buttons dont appear, i wrote it specially.

in future please try to READ, and comment constructively without condescendence.

the best viewed in text is meant to be subtle, an effect it achieves, and the mozilla firefox section is there because it actually looks slightly better in firefox. im not dictating you should look at it, im providing a recommendation, as do an awful lot of sites. i suggest you grow up and learn some people skills.

  quack 20:17 15 Feb 2005

I agree with Taran that your site has potential but I don't really understand your attitude towards his comments particularly the suggestion that he grows up and learns some people skills. You asked for the site to be rated and my suggestion is that if you cannot accept, to my mind, perfectly good constructive criticism, don't ask for it.

  LinuxPenguin 20:36 15 Feb 2005

my main problem was that he never even read the other comments and then criticised on them.

is that so difficult to understand?

  james55 20:39 15 Feb 2005

I have read and re-read all the comments on your site and nobody has been nasty, I had a quick look at your site and agree with all that has been said. I would suggest you try and not take anything personally, being rude to anyone who has taken time to do what you asked is not what we expect on this Forum.

  Taran 21:01 15 Feb 2005

I think you'll find I read all of the thread prior to posting, and I certainly don't recall saying anywhere that you are "writing crap" as you so eloquently put it.

Asking for feedback and then rejecting what you get seems pointless.

If you don't want to hear the answers, don't ask the questions.

My criticisms covered some ground that had been mentioned before, and also some that hadn't. It was also tempered with several comments along the lines of "Nice overall with a lot of potential", "I don't mean to rubbish your work" and "On the contrary, I think you are off to a flying start".

Praise where I felt it due, constructive criticism offered elsewhere.

My apologies if you think I am personally targeting you and your work for abuse - I am not. I simply identified just some of the more obvious faults as I saw them in the few minutes I spent on your site.

Perhaps next time it might occur to you that I may have been typing out a reply, which got delayed while I answered another, far more urgent problem, before posting. The time elapse between starting and finally posting my response resulted in some of my comments echoing those of fourm member in his second post.

Until that point there was no mention of the 404 pages and had I realised you did not want feedback on items such as missing content or errors I would have refrained from wasting my time typing it in the first place.

You asked what we think. Don't be surprised if we tell you, but it was not my intention to offend and I am quite surprised that you took my reply that way.

  LinuxPenguin 21:02 15 Feb 2005

what i object to is being told something i have pointed out myself already because someone could not be bothered to read about 3 posts. i also do not like being told someone thinks a script i spent hours on is actually somone else's work.

and as for me "commanding" someone to use firefox, its a simple pieve of best viewed text, not an order...

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