Rasping noise on boot-up - hard disk failure ?

  Gothdj 11:28 01 Apr 2003

I have 2 problems at start-up: 1.Scan disk running at start-up but no errors found, "because Windows was not properly shut down etc. etc...." even when it is.

2.Also, my hard disk is making an awful scratching or rasping noise on boot-up and freezing mid-boot which requires me to reset 2-3 times in order to boot -up. I am worried about this - could it be impending hard disk failure ???

The last time this happened I got the message: "Your program caused a divide overflow error". Any ideas?

I did run a trial version of McAfee virus scan recently which found and deleted a virus in my autoexec.bat but I am wondering if it did any lasting damage?

Grateful for any help.

  Elrond 11:29 01 Apr 2003

How olds the drive? It is displaying very similar symptons to my dad's which failed last year

  Big Elf 11:37 01 Apr 2003

If you know the manufacturer of the drive then go to their site and they may have a disk testing tool you can download. I know Maxtor and Fujitsu (unfortunately from experience) have them. This can help in tracking down problems and can ususally confirm a failing drive.

Back up any important data files now, just in case.

  Gothdj 11:38 01 Apr 2003

Elrond, it is 3yrs old

  Elrond 11:44 01 Apr 2003

Maybe on the way out but try Big Elf's suggestion.

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