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Raspberry Pi recommendations to improve code skill

  collinsc 18:23 27 Nov 2019


Does anyone have experience of Raspberry Pi's?

I'm looking to get a Rasbperry Pi to improve my coding skills- I would appreciate any suggestions on which version to get.

Im very new to development (Java, Javascript, REACT). I dont have a particular project in mind, just something that will help me with my development skills.


  Jollyjohn 12:33 28 Nov 2019

Any Raspberry Pi will do you. A Pi Zero is very small but this doesn't limit it's functionality. The latest is the Pi 4. Model A and B versions can be picked up cheap on eBay.

Main consideration is a good power supply. A standard phone charger fits all except the new pi 4, that's USB C, but you need at least 2amps output.

I run my Pi's "headless" That is I set them up initially connected to a keyboard mouse and screen with a wifi dongle - set a static ip address - then use SSH and VNC viewer to connect to the PI from my PC.

  collinsc 18:10 28 Nov 2019

thanks very much - ill look up those models.

  collinsc 18:15 28 Nov 2019

jollyjohn - does this model seem ok? click here


  Jollyjohn 12:01 29 Nov 2019

Yes that looks OK but I have never bothered with a cooling fan on any of my Pi's

  collinsc 21:35 01 Dec 2019

thanks again

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