Rapport security software suggested by my Bank...

  Proclaimer 10:31 28 Nov 2010

'Download our new security featureOnline Banking protection software from Trusteer' says my Bank...

'Rapport works alongside your existing anti-virus and firewall software, to ensure maximum protection of your online banking details even if your computer is infected by a virus.' It goes on to say.

Anyone know anything about this?

  Nontek 10:39 28 Nov 2010

I have heard of this, and have a friend who uses it for on-line banking. Though I have no personal experience of it.

  Nontek 10:40 28 Nov 2010
  Proclaimer 10:42 28 Nov 2010

click here is what I seen when I 'googled' it. So I thought I would getter a better opinion in here.

  LimestoneRock 10:43 28 Nov 2010

I've had it installed for about a year now - you just do not know it is there doing its job.

  Ian in Northampton 10:48 28 Nov 2010

I installed it only because I got sick of HSBC continually prompting me to do so whenever I logged on. I couldn't really work out what it was doing, and on the few occasions it showed its face, I found it intrusive. So I uninstalled it, and really haven't missed it.

  Sea Urchin 10:53 28 Nov 2010

Several of the banks have been offering Rapport to their customers for the last 18 months. A major complaint has been that it can slow your computer down quite dramatically. The bank's reaction to this is that it's possibly worth enduring a slow down because of the extra security. They might also suggest removing your own anti-virus program.

I tried it a year ago, and found it did interfere with the running of my system. After discussions with the bank I eventually removed it.

  birdface 10:56 28 Nov 2010

If you type this into search forum it will give you a few more threads about the same subject.

Rapport security software

  Ex plorer 11:06 28 Nov 2010

Hi HSBC recommend Mcafee antivirus and Rapport I use both they are Free from there site and are updated regularly.

Your bank wants to give you the best protection they can to protect your on line account and them selves.

If your online account gets hacked and you loose money and you haven't used there recommended free AV etc. will banks pay up on losses from our accounts?

  Taff™ 11:38 28 Nov 2010

Rapport is a resource hogger on some machines and I have uninstalled it from several machines. In that process the software actually suggests that by clicking a request button a technician will log into the machine and resolve the issues by reconfiguring the software.

Obviously a known issue which leaves me with no confidence in the bank or the software. The banks can screw up the country`s finances but not my computer!!!

  Zurdo 11:40 28 Nov 2010

I was offered this from HSBC but after googling for probelms associated with the program I decided not to install it. Provided you take the common precautions regarding phishing, anti virus software etc. and have a good password I reckon you should be OK without it.

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