Rapport not function since firefox latest update

  RISC OS user 15:37 24 Nov 2017

Still having problems after I have succeeded to re-install Rapport on my Windows 10 PC. The greyed out icon appears in the top right next the URL Window in Chrome but when clicked I only see a white box without the necessary information in it. The icon never changes to Green. Also when using Firefox the icon may be grey or green but neither give a dialogue box of any kind and only Co-operative Bank and Nationwide Building Society give a green icon all my other financial service companies give a grey icon and again no dialogue box. I have installed the latest Chrome and Firefox which your site inform me that they are compatible. I have been using Trusteer Rapport for may years and have had very few problems. I believe the trouble started when Firefox updated to the latest version a few days ago. Help please.

  difarn 16:07 24 Nov 2017

Have you updated to the new Trusteer Rapport extension for Firefox? There is a link on the Trusteer Site.

click here

  RISC OS user 17:11 24 Nov 2017

Thank you for your reply, I believe I have. sorry to say your link just takes me back to here!

  rdave13 17:52 24 Nov 2017

I also used Trusteer for quite a while but binned it. Doesn't keep up with browsers that update for not only aesthetics but also for security. If it's that slow is it worth keeping?

  rdave13 18:16 24 Nov 2017

Wonder how secure HTTPS is nowadays. If you log in to your Bank Account always hover the mouse on the HTTPS lock and click. That will give you the information who issued the certificate. Well it does in Edge browser. Doesn't in Chromed based Vivaldi. VeriSign issues the certificate for Barclays at the moment and are authenticated I hope. It's bad when you get sites such as this - click here .

  wee eddie 19:33 24 Nov 2017

Rapport slowed my PC to a crawl.

  polymath 10:56 26 Nov 2017

It slowed mine to stationary (even hogging my Resource Meter's resources). And (as far as I could discover) all for an 'extra layer of security' that consisted of telling me what I aleady knew, that I'd entered the same password I'd used in some other place demanding one, that would have been perfectly safe without them. (And it was a long struggle nailing the culprit).

But it did seem to be problem-free for some people (never did find out what made the difference).

  RISC OS user 11:06 26 Nov 2017

Thank you all for your replies, I am still awaiting a reply from Rapport, not just their automated response!

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