Rapid Overheating / Blue Screen

  Lee1987 18:34 05 Mar 2010

My PC has been getting warm/hot to the touch relatively quickly after starting up for the past few months, and occasionally crashing to a blue screen which demands a restart, particularly with a lot of programs running or a video game.

Recently the crashes are more frequent, and happening even when I have nothing running but my internet browser etc. so it's becoming a problem.

I have no unrequired programs opening on startup, have scanned and am free of any malware/spyware/viruses, and also recently had the computer professionally cleaned, as I figured dust may be clogging the fan or something. Even with just this page open my CPU usage is 5-10% and my physical memory is hovering between 30-50%.

I don't know much about this type of thing, but this is my system:

Vista Home Premium
Intel Core Quad CPU Q6600 2.40Ghz
4.00GB RAM
NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GTX/9800 GTX+

I don't know if this effects anything, but I have two hard drives and both are almost full. 20GB left free out of 465GB on one, 90GB out of 931GB left on the other.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions anyone can provide.

  OTT_B 18:43 05 Mar 2010

What Stop Error code are you gettng when it blue screens?

Defrag your hard drives - it may well help.

  howard64 18:44 05 Mar 2010

overheating is normally a sign that a fan is not working properly. Do you perhaps have fan control switched on? If this sensor is faulty the fan may not be operating fast enough to keep the cpu cool. Go to the control panel then administrative tools then event viewer then system and see if you have any red error messages and if so what number error code is quoted.

  Lee1987 19:16 05 Mar 2010


It just comes up with "no signal" during the crash, although probably worthy of note my monitor is also a TV and gives the exact same bluescreen message if disconnected from the PC. But the computer itself makes audibly different noises, and any programs running with sound will repeat over and over, so it is a freeze and not just a problem with the screen.

@ Howard

I'm not sure exactly where I'm supposed to look, but in the "summary of administrative events" it reads 40 errors in the past 24 hours, but none "critical". Although some of these may have been me ending unnecessary processes etc earlier to try and resolve the problem, if it works like that.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:20 05 Mar 2010

Open the box clear out all the dust and fluff make sure all the fans spin when you boot it up.

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