rapid beeps on laptop start - up

  bigboab y 23:20 28 Nov 2005

I've just bought aN HP Omnibook 6000 (850 mhzjob)laptop... after a struggle I managed to load XP into it.. now when it starts up, a series of fast beeps comes thro the speakers for about 20 seconds.. then the desktop comes up and the beeps stop... ah but thats not all.. c'mere.. theres more...when I then click on the desktop,the icons start flickering which only stops when I right click on the desktop.. which is useless as I cant do anything else... Its a Rage mobility graphics card thats in it.. any ideas on the cause guys/gals??? BTW I would have used "search" to try and find previous posts on this subject but it ain't working.. reported to Advisor

  Batch 09:30 29 Nov 2005

Beeps are symptomatic of problems in the POST (Power On Self Test). It could be a loose connection somewhere or some hardware fault, the flickering sort of suggests the former, but I'm surprised it carries on to boot at all.

You could try carefully making sure that any slot in modules and all the cards are seated properly (not easy on a laptop).

  bigboab y 10:13 29 Nov 2005

This machine seems to have settled down a bit.This morning the rapid beeps had gone and it booted up to desktop no bother ... but the icons are still flickering intermittently. Went into Task manager and found 2 items running mad using 70 - 100 of cpu.. they are taskmgr.exe and system idle. This lasts for a wee while then settles down again.. but recurs after a while .. any ideas guys/gals

  jbaker65 11:08 29 Nov 2005

On my computer (desktop) rapid beeps are warning that cpu fan is not running correctly. It may be the same on yours.

  bigboab y 11:14 29 Nov 2005

I can hear the fan running ok usually at start up .. but i have just noticed that the base of the lappy is quite warm... mind you I've had it on for about 2 hours.. still seems warmer than normal ...possible clue??

  David4637 15:06 29 Nov 2005

My Tosh lappy (2005)is quite warm on my legs even after say half hour, I think this is par for the course for laptops. David

  Batch 15:22 29 Nov 2005

You'll get some heat from laptops, some more so than others. Some Toshes are particularly prone.

  bigboab y 16:44 29 Nov 2005

Thanks y'all ... I'll see how this runs over the next cuppla days... cheers guys/gals

  Pidder 18:56 29 Nov 2005

Surprised no one commented on the reported inadvisability of using them on one's lap,(for men). Is this why they're now more often called notebooks?

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