Ransomware protection and my external hard drive.

  Glen 12:07 15 May 2017

My AV is the freeby, "Qihoo 360 total security". Delving into its innards I find it specifically claims protection against ransomware. Any comments please! Also could a Ransomware attack also encrypt files on my external hard drive back-up? Glen

  wee eddie 13:07 15 May 2017

Is your EHD permanently connected or kept separately in another place?

If it's permanently connected, then it is my understanding that, as with a Server and a NAS Drive, it would be encrypted.

If reconnected, before the infection has been totally removed, it would also become encrypted

  Archonar 13:15 15 May 2017

Most good AV providers do have some level of protection against Ransomware, but I have never heard of Qihoo so can't comment on it's effectiveness. Pcmag has called it "Average", so I'm not sure how effective that protection will be.

The key thing is to keep your windows updated, and don't open any suspicious links in emails. A general rule of thumb is if you're not expecting an email then be suspicious of it.

As for external backup, as long as it isn't plugged into the pc then it can't be accessed by the ransomware. Therefore only have it plugged in when you're doing a backup and keep it unplugged all other times

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:22 15 May 2017

As they above posters, plus I run this for a little added protection

click here

  Govan1x 14:09 26 Aug 2017

My Security program stops me from opening Octans click here so best not opening it.

Usually the signs of a spammer when they open old posts.

  MJS WARLORD 14:26 27 Aug 2017

I have been a geek for 15 years and never heard of the av you mention. I would never trust a freebie av because the companies simply don’t have the same resources and research facilities as paid for software , that said , I have read good reports on avast av the only problems I read about this is that something sometimes goes wrong on version updates so you might have to re-install the whole package. As for the risk of ransome wear or any type of attack , the hacker probably won’t even know that your external devices are on the outside of the case instead of inside so it is technically part of the whole pc. I use 6 flash drives for different types of back ups because I went through a phase of buying duff blank cd and dvd. I only keep the flash drives on my pc for as long as it takes to do a back up update.

  Forum Editor 17:17 27 Aug 2017


"I would never trust a freebie av because the companies simply don’t have the same resources and research facilities as paid for software"

That's not how it works.

One of most widely trusted and used anti-virus products in the world - AVG - is available in a free version. There is also a subscription version that has more bells and whistles. It's the same with Avast, another highly-rated product - their is a free version and a Premium version that you pay for.

Both companies have extensive resources behind them, as do other anti-virus products.

"I use 6 flash drives for different types of back ups"

What different types are those? Financial institutions and the like may need sophisticated data backup systems, but not the average home user.

  MJS WARLORD 17:59 27 Aug 2017

Hi FE . All my flash drives are 64gb , I use different ones to back up my documents/music/photos/unrun versions of software that I have installed / videos/camera trap photos and one with all sorts of stuff on them. I guess could get almost everything on 2 of them but if 1 ever packs up I will only loose 1 type of back up. By the way after I read your reply I had not realised I had said the wrong av name, I mentioned avast but the program I had read about update problems was AVG and yes you are right it has a good reputation.

  Loubader 10:13 20 Oct 2017

If your external hard disk is not connected to a stationary computer, then No.

  bretsky 19:10 20 Oct 2017

For those of you that have never heard of this product, then take a look

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