Range extender

  HauxtonPhil 09:24 07 Feb 2007

I was called the other day to a problem with a LinkSys WRE54G range extender. The extender was mounted about half way between the dsl wireless router and a laptop. Both blue lights were on on the extender indicating that all was well, and the laptop reported an excellent signal (which disappeared if I turned the extender off), but it would not acquire an IP address. I went right back to basics and went through the whole installation routine with the linksys disc, and the extender software reported errors like 'can't find and extender'. After I had left, client switched everything off and rebooted evrything and it worked - for a few hours, then back to same probs. I suspect the range extender, but has anyone any similar experiences or suggestions?

  chockks 16:17 07 Feb 2007

I have been using the same extender for quite a while now and is working well, considering a distance of 5 buildings away. bring it near the router and set it up using the easy setup button and once all two LEDS turned blue its ready for deployment. May i know what router you are using.?

  HauxtonPhil 09:15 10 Feb 2007

The router is a LinkSys DSL wireless router (they use NTL) but I don't know which model at the moment. I followed the instructions to the letter, but even with the extender alongside the router it didn't consistently 'see' it.
Strangely, I was called to a similar problem yesterday with another client, but this time is was a LinkSys usb connector which although it reported that it had connected to the router, would not acquire an IP address.
Would still be grateful for any help anyone can offer on either of the above problems

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