Randomly getting Windows can't communicate with the device or resource (primary DNS server)?

  helpingduck123 12:18 09 Aug 2014

Randomly throughout the day I sometimes get this problem and it makes me have to reset my router.

Anyone know how to fix this?

I've searched online for multiple methods with all the command prompt commands, scanning with malware / adwcleaner etc... Tried using different open DNS or automatic obtain DNS. I'm also using automatic obtain IP.

Maybe it has something to do with my router settings on my router website(?)

If there are any information I should post, please tell me.

Thanks for your help.

  helpingduck123 17:35 10 Aug 2014


  Jollyjohn 17:49 10 Aug 2014

check with your ISP which DNS servers they use.

  helpingduck123 00:40 12 Aug 2014


  sydsnott 15:41 12 Aug 2014

I'd also be interested in the advice you're offered since I too have been afflicted by this for a year or two! I've given up on the fantasy of assistance from my ISP's (TalkTalk) Tech help...I can't even understand the heavily accented english they speak anyway! The only other suspect is my aging router since re-booting it temporarily resolves the problem. Good luck!

  helpingduck123 00:28 15 Aug 2014


  helpingduck123 16:26 20 Aug 2014


  helpingduck123 18:05 22 Aug 2014


  rdave13 18:39 22 Aug 2014

Just something to check. In device manager select your network adapter, right click, properties then power management. Possibly your computer is turning off the device to save power if the box is ticked, and if the other box is ticked then rebooting the router will 'wake' the device so you can connect again. Might be something as simple as that.

  john bunyan 19:17 22 Aug 2014


Sorry to helpingduck123 to ask something. I had a similar problem recently - router re-booting and a similar message. Have now followed your suggestion and unticked the save power box on my desktop network adapter.

  rdave13 21:11 22 Aug 2014

jb, let us know if it works, many thanks. Just another possibility for the problem to be corrected.

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