Randomly changing desktop icons - Win 98SE

  bloo meeny 19:25 05 Apr 2003

I've got the problem of the desktop icons changing and I remember it's something to do with the icon cache. Where is it, and does anyone know the fix please ?

Also, where I've put several shortcuts into one folder, can I change the icon for that too ?

And finally, if I wanted to put the icons in a single line around the desktop edge (I know I have to 'untick' auto arrange) do I still have to line them up manually ?

Thanks in advance

  bloo meeny 21:25 06 Apr 2003

Just my luck !

NINETY NINE THOUSAND, TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN Registered users - and just ONE with this problem :(

  VoG™ 21:30 06 Apr 2003

Q1 To refresh the icon cache you can use TweakUI and select the Repair Icons function, you should be able to find this at click here - if not please post back.

Q2 Right click icon, Properties, Change icon.

Q3 Forgotten - am on XP now.

  bloo meeny 00:02 07 Apr 2003

I've done as you suggested using TweakUI - only time will tell whether or not it has worked.

It's the beige folders I wish to change as I have several on the desktop and right clicking on these doesn't give a change icon option.

Also, I've put my icons around the edge (I can see the wallpaper now !!!) and after re-booting a couple of times they're still there - so far, so good :)

Thanks for your help.

  crx16 00:05 07 Apr 2003

you need to create a shortcut to those folders,then you can edit the shortcut icon.

  bloo meeny 00:39 07 Apr 2003

You're right - just tried it out.

Guess I'll have to hide the main folders 'out of sight somewhere' but that's ok.

It's a bit late now, I'll have a fiddle tomorrow but for now, it's a green tick !

  crx16 00:52 07 Apr 2003

you could right-click the original folder,choose properties,and make 'hidden'

  MPete 04:01 07 Apr 2003

Icrase the icon cach size is the way to fix it but it requires that you have a bit of memory. Not much mind you but don't try this if you only have 64 meg or some simialr small number. 256 meg min I'd say.

You want to copy this to Notepad exactly as shown then save as icofix.reg

No word wrap and you may even have to delete the tabs this bb adds to my post. Notepad only please.
Don't think it will take 7636 icons no that's a buffer size of just a little over a meg.
Ok copy paste this and save iconfix.reg and double click on it. Win98 98 or ME only probibly.


"Max Cached Icons"="7936"

  bloo meeny 21:38 07 Apr 2003

Ok MPete, done that.
Memory not a problem (640 MB).

Thanks for the help.

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