random system freeze

  boybrown 19:00 01 May 2005

Hi Folks,

Over the last few days my system has developed a pattern of freezing that does not appear linked to any specific event. My only lead is that I tend to leave my Firefox open most of the time. The last freeze appeared to coincide with me opening a page (football, nothing 'dodgy'). The powqer light indicating the use of the processor remains on and nothing responds until I close the computer down from the tower. When I restart there's no error message.

Have checked for viruses (NOd32) with no luck and I run Outpost firewall.

The only other thing is that a while ago a couple of times I got the error message "physical memory dump" and the error code but the windows site did not have an explantion.

I'm running windows xp
2400 AMD athlon processor
512 DDR crucial memory

I haven't added anything to the system or changed anything around. Any ideas of how I could try and locate the problem?



  gudgulf 19:13 01 May 2005

Some things to do

If you know the error code post it here..it will help identify the problem area/s

Open pc case and check that all fans are running and that the heatsinks/case ventilation hole are not clogged up with dust.

Remove and reseat the RAM memory and pci cards and check that all cable connections are firmly fitted to motherboard/hard drive/cd rom drive etc.

Scan for Spyware/Adware with the likes of A2,Adaware,SpybotS&D and Coolweb Shredder in addition to your virus scanner.

Now see if you still get the crashes and post back.

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