Random Shut downs CPU Load?

  spiderlegz 13:03 07 Nov 2012

Hi all, I have an issue with random shut downs which seem to occur when the CPU is put under load. Running an antivirus scan, pushes the CPU load up to 100% & then shuts off a few seconds later. How can I restrict the CPU load? I have reduced as many background programs as possible & also removed as many startup programs as possible but the shutdowns still persist. This happens with removed, with just the charger plugged in & also running on just the battery. Things I have tried, in case it’s a hardware issue: New motherboard, new hard drive, new RAM, replaced the CPU, new charger, (battery is fairly new), new DC jack & cable, new power on/off button & cable. I have cleaned the heatsink, fan & vents, applied new thermal paste etc.. I installed a clean copy of Windows 7 64 bit & the issue worsened, so installed a clean copy of Windows 7 32 bit which did reduce the amount of shutdowns but not cure them. I have repaired many laptops & PC’s but have never come across this issue before & I am at a total loss, other than the maxed out CPU percentage issue of course. The Laptop is a Toshiba Satellite Pro A300-1G0, Windows 7 32 bit, 3Gb RAM, 250Gb Hard Drive, Intel Core 2 Duo 2Ghz CPU. OS is completely up to date & the system also has all the latest hardware drivers (via drivermax). I was wondering if there was a CPU monitoring program I could try, which would prevent overloading? Or maybe somebody could advise me on something I may have overlooked? Thanks in advance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:32 07 Nov 2012

Sounds like its overheating on full load the cooling is poor on these things mine gets hot just running powerpoint and explorer for a few hours.

You seem to have covered most things - Tried running it on a laptop cooling pad?

  spiderlegz 13:48 07 Nov 2012

The fan blows nice & cool at all times & doesn't overwork itself at any point. I am also able to restart the laptop immediately after a shutdown, select 'start windows normally' & use it. It does seem that it uses the maximum CPu capacity only when it's working hard, ie during a virus scan, which causes the CPU temperature to spike, thus tricking the laptop into shutting down to protect itself. Bios is up to date & the system works perfectly when just surfing the net. Very bizarre behaviour indeed.

  spiderlegz 17:33 01 Dec 2012

Hi all,

I thought that I would update this issue as it may help some one in the future. I decided to purchase a cooling pad as suggested by Fruit Bat & also thought that I would try an internal cooling modification, which always helped many HP laptops that I've repaired, to stay cooler in the past. The process involved stripping the laptop down once again, cleaning off the CPU & GPU chips, applying new thermal paste & then adding a copper shim to the 2 chips, added some more thermal paste to the top of the shim & the replacing the heatsink in the usual way. The result was a massive reduction in temperature of approx 30% when the CPU is pushed to it's maximum. Speedfan was reporting a CPU temperature of 90-95C at full load & now it stays at around 65C at full load. Needless to say, that the shut downs have now ceased & the laptop is at peace with itself at long last.

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