Random Restarts - Dodgee beeping?

  DJ Supreme 00:20 13 Jun 2005

Last night, the pc restarted on its own, it made a beeping noise too. After this restart i couldnt get the pc to boot no more, though having tried it the next day (today) it worked ok.

About 3 hours ago, it kept constantly restarting, which screwed up my router (internet and Xbox live connection).

The thing i noticed was last week the what i thought was, hard drive was buzzing (its brand new). I dont know if thats related or not, i dont know.

And the other problem was the router plug was red hot.

Every now and again, the pc keeps restarting.

Im running on XP Professional SP2, hope this makes sense, thanks

  Night Ryder 00:34 13 Jun 2005

Replace power supply with bigger one. Say 400Wats

  Number 7 00:36 13 Jun 2005

Right click the My Computer icon, select Properties and click the Advanced tab.

Under Startup and Recovery click the Settings button.

Under System Failure untick Automatically Restart.

The next time the computer crashes you should see a blue screen with an error message.

If you see an error message, post the exact content here.

From what you've said above, it sounds like it could be heat related.

  DJ Supreme 00:36 13 Jun 2005

how much would one of those cost, i had a hunch it might be something to do with that, like electric fault or something.

I went into the BIOS and the power heat isnt very high, at least i dont think.

So is generally the cause for such a situation?

Thanks for the reply

  Kev.Ifty 00:37 13 Jun 2005

The beeping is a code which may indicate where your problem lies. Have a look through this lot click here=

If the problem only started since fitting new hardware then you may have answered your own question Re the hard drive.

Sorry cant be more help


  DJ Supreme 00:44 13 Jun 2005

I was on a old Fujitsu Hard Drive (8Gb) until about a month ago i upgraded to a maxter 80Gb, it may well be heat related as one mentioned above

  DJ Supreme 00:56 13 Jun 2005

PS: How on earth are you supposed to know which beeps are what, do you need to be a morse code expert or something?

I looked at that link, and there are over 10beep combinations!

  pk470 02:06 13 Jun 2005

Thats a big increase from 8GB to 80GB also what Ram are you running?? 512MB for XP.
I have a 7 year old Brio works well with a 60GB
i woundn't chance a 80GB on the Brio.

  DJ Supreme 11:23 13 Jun 2005

128.0 mb ram

  wee eddie 13:42 13 Jun 2005

The size of the \hdd and the amount of Ram suggest an elderly PC.

What was the original OS?

A few other details please?

I'm having slowdowns with XP Home on 256Mg (-32Mg Shared Graphics) and I seem to remember that XP Pro requires more memory.

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