Random resets

  grandmasterflash 20:35 03 Jan 2003
  grandmasterflash 20:35 03 Jan 2003

my pc has started resetting itself at random times. It doesnt matter what u do, online or off, it can last hours, or minutes before resetting itself. Could this be caused by faulty RAM as i suspect one of my 2 64MB cards could be faulty.

  special sophie 21:00 03 Jan 2003

best thing to do is take out the stick that you think maybe at fault if you still have the prob then you know its not that. As for anything else well it could be one of many thing power supply, cpu overheating, hardware conflict etc

  special sophie 21:01 03 Jan 2003

also make sure all your cards and ram stick are fully seated into there slots

  BBez 21:03 03 Jan 2003

possibly a power supply fault...

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