Random rebooting

  Jeffers22 20:43 07 Feb 2005

My son's PC has taken to rebooting at random intervals. It might be when he is playing a game, it might be while browsing the net or it could be when the PC is on but sitting idle.

I am fairly certain it is not a virus as it is regularly scanned with an up to date AVG. Besides, the interval to reboot is not a regular amount of time. Also regularly scanned with the likes of Spybot and Adaware.

OS is XP pro. PC is an MSI KT4V mobo with an Athlon XP 2400+ and 768 Mb RAM.

I've just changed the PSU to no effect, and am now looking for ideas as to possible causes. Any thoughts or ideas will be gratefully received.

  VoG II 20:48 07 Feb 2005

Right-click on My Computer, click Properties, click the Advanced tab. Under Startup & Recovery click Settings. Under System Failure untick the box in front of Automatically restart.

The next time it goes pear shaped it should give an error on a blue screen instead of rebooting. Post the error here.

  Jeffers22 20:53 07 Feb 2005

Thanks VoG - will do.

  *Silver*Hawk* 21:17 07 Feb 2005

maybe overheating cpu?

  Jeffers22 22:18 07 Feb 2005

OK. It tried to reboot and failed, leaving a mess of a blue screen. There is nothing in Event Viewer, what do you want me to post VoG?

  VoG II 22:21 07 Feb 2005

No message on the blue screen?

  Jeffers22 22:24 07 Feb 2005

Very little. The screen was a technicolour nightmare, with the bottom half of the diplay in multicolourd lines. The only words I picked up were the standards re disabling shadowing and caching in the bios. The rest of the message was obscured. Will try to crash it again now.

  Dan the Confused 22:26 07 Feb 2005

Try re-seating the memory. Failing that, you could try cleaning the PC.

  VoG II 22:30 07 Feb 2005

Also try MBM click here to monitor the temps.

  Jeffers22 22:50 07 Feb 2005

I had him play a game (Rome - Total War). Rather than rebooting, it just froze after about 7 minutes of the interactive tutorial bit ... only way to continue was via the reset button. I am beginning to wonder if *Silver*Hawk* may just be right about the CPU getting too hot. There is damn all clearance between the top of the Heat Sink fan and the bottom of the PSU (half inch or so) Bloody silly layout! I'll do some temperature monitoring, but won't have time til Thursday to do it justice, so will tick as resolved and start a new thread when testing is done. I'll also try reseating the memory, then perhaps a quick spring clean before I do the temp tests.

Thanks all for the help so far.

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