Random Reboot

  DiddyBoy 20:27 22 Nov 2003

Every now and then my PC will reboot itself with no warnings whatsoever.

And it is random.. happens every 2/3 days....

Here's the specs:
Microsoft XP home
AMD XP 2600+
MSI K7N2G-L motherboard
1 gig pc2700 DDR memory
40 gig maxtor h/d
Mcafee virus scan 8
zonealarms Pro

All software is fully updated.

The PC is on 24/7 and has been for the last 6 /8 months with no problems at all and I haven't recently installed any new software.

Any thoughts? is there a file that contains an error log?


  bretsky 21:10 22 Nov 2003

Go to control panel and look for Administrative tools then click on event viewer and you should see three folders that gives you a log as to what your system is up to, errors etc etc.......
The only thing that used to make my pc reboot at random was Roxio easy cd creator basic,due to winxp incompatibilty, have upgraded and no more problems.........good luck.........bretsky;>)

  DiddyBoy 21:27 22 Nov 2003

Thanks for the reply.. the only "error" that occured around that time was with zonealarms true vector being corrupt...

Would that cause a full system re-boot?

  bretsky 22:40 22 Nov 2003

The only thing that comes to mind is the power supply, I get true vector engine errors from z/a, but this never causes my pc to reboot.
Sorry I can't be more positve and I sure someone out there will know!!!!......bretsky;>)

  johnnyrocker 22:45 22 Nov 2003

right click my computer icon select manage this will take you too a number of options which will allow you to interrogate the pc including some log files etc your answer will be in there along with dates times and cause sorry i cant be too specific but i know it is there,


  DiddyBoy 22:54 22 Nov 2003

I'd thought of that one and have already replaced the PSU with a new unit... it still does it... but thanks for the idea..


The only thing that occurs around that time is the ZA truevector fault, but that appears that it may have been on the re-boot, not on the shutdown...:-/

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