random re starting

  tinkerbellbop 22:27 23 Jul 2006

Please, please help me before i go mad!!!

my computer has been randomly restarting for a couple of months now. I gave it to a pc tech who thought he had sorted it, but it is still the same. it can restart anywhere from once to five times every half hour.

it was been wiped and programs been put back on, i have tried system restore. there are no spy ware or viruses. it does not restart during any particular program/time.

when it reloads there is no error message. but, it takes much longer to load up the first screen than usual.

also, i have a usb pen drive (a new one in case the old one was corrupt!). i am working and it tells me that it has just found it. click ok. 10 mins later finds drive again. similar keeps happening with SD card driver too.

when i go to my computer and click on usb driver/SD it does not always find the files which are there.

i can hear the fan working, so i do not think it is over heating. computer only 1 year old and problem juts started.

could it be a faulty usb/SD drive? how can i check this?

please please help me!!!

  User-312386 22:45 23 Jul 2006


Can we have your full system specs please, including the amount of RAM (how many sticks) and what Power supply is installed

  ade.h 23:00 23 Jul 2006

That's very likely indeed to be a developing hardware fault of some kind. Madboy is correct to suggest the PSU or DiMMs, but it could equally be one of the motherboard parts or - less likely, given the type/pattern of behaviour - the hard-disk.

If I were the "PC tech" in question, I would have run a soak test and if possible, transplanted every possible suspect into another trusted PC, one by one.

  tinkerbellbop 23:17 23 Jul 2006

ok. bear with me as i am not too good with complicated computer bits! believe that pc tech just wiped it and then left it on for 2 days to see if it would re start, but how can he spot that when he left it on welcome screen (!!)

Fujitsu Siemens PG5D1-FM
3.20GH Intel Pent. 4
16 kb primary memory cache
1024 kb secondary memory cache

250.05gb - usable hard drive space
240.76gb - hard drive free space

operating system - win xp
Board: Fujitsu Siemens P5GD1- FM Rev 1.xx
bus clock: 200 megahertz

have printed out belarc, but not quite sure what info you need. Can not seem to find info on power supply.

  Graham ® 12:03 24 Jul 2006

You must stop it re-starting and write an entry in the system log instead:

Control Panel, System, Advanced, Start up and Recovery, Settings.

  User-312386 16:20 24 Jul 2006

If you do what Graham ® has said, but uncheck the box that says "Automatically Restart"

Now when the system fails you should have a Blue Screen with the problem

  tinkerbellbop 19:42 24 Jul 2006

ok, have done this and will see what happens!

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