Random Popping Sound when playing MKV files

  friendlyJai 08:02 08 May 2018

I have a Sony Smart Bluray player and have a USB 3.0 device connected that contains my MKV video files. I also have an AV Receiver (YAMA-RXV377-BLK). I have my TV connected to the Bluray Player, which is connected to the HDMI out Audio Return Channel (ARC) on the AV Receiver.

So I get my sound through the HDMI cable. I've noticed on some files a random popping sound. If I rewind and reply it does not occur again in the same place. I am in the process of compressing my files, which includes the audio. I convert to AAC as read this is more efficient then AC3. I wonder if this is the problem.

Some of the films contain DTS audio and the rest seem to be mostly AC3. I could keep the original audio file and Mux it back into the newly compressed H264 video file if I knew that this was the problem.

Anyone any ideas what the problem could be?

Thanks in advance James

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