Random PC crashes

  Prof ;o) 21:00 07 Jul 2003

hiya u compleate (but probably nice) strangers!

yep im the newbie on the PCA site today.

anyways, just fixed a pc for a mate of mine(he reported random crashes) had a good look around inside booted it up etc. all signs pointed to a dodgy harddrive, he went out an got a new one i installed everything and all was fine. he picked it up tonight an took it home...than rang me up about 3hrs later telling me it was doing the same thing again...any ideas?


  isg 21:08 07 Jul 2003

What operating system are they using?
What is the computers spec?

  Lú-tzé 21:08 07 Jul 2003

Advice for newbies: give details of the Operating System, spec of machine and so on... :-}

And my useful advice:
Check for overheating, do a scan disk, defrag and so on. What made you think it was a dodgy hdd?

  Prof ;o) 21:36 07 Jul 2003

PC spec: P3 1GHz 256MB PC133(2 128MB sticks) new 7200rpm 40GB HDD mainboard is a CS65-SC with latest BIOS OS is Win98SE it used to have the very crappy WinME in it or on it. depends how you look at it i could say the gass is half empty you would say its half full ;o)

the reason the HDD was prime suspect was due to read\write errors nothing to do with the DVD-ROM i tested it in my pc it works fine and the CDs were in mint condition.


  VoG II 21:40 07 Jul 2003

Check CPU te,perature click here

  Prof ;o) 21:41 07 Jul 2003

forgot to post that ive already done defrag registry editor error checks etc.(thats all standard practice for me after i do a setup) and the CPU runs at 53c and thats with coolermaster premium paste and the fan is a coolermaster. i guess i should mention at this point its a dreaded advent PC.


  H-J 21:45 07 Jul 2003

go to c:\windows\command and type scandisk then hit enter. when it finishes this, let it do the surface scan, which will take quite a while. The point of this is that it will eliminate windows from the equasion, and if there IS and h/w fault or it's overheating it should still crash.


  Prof ;o) 22:00 07 Jul 2003

will give it a go only thing i can think of is the CPU but its run at 53c since my mate has had it(3yrs)


  DieSse 22:41 07 Jul 2003

RAM could be a likely culprit - try running with one staick, then the other, for extended periods - and/or a good RAM test, such as click here

  Prof ;o) 23:20 07 Jul 2003

will bung it on and see what it reports diesse but i think the modules are fine as i had it running for a good 3hrs with both modules in with no probs.


  woodchip 23:27 07 Jul 2003

As above Over Heating or PSU to small, I could be wrong but those are the things I would check first

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