random number generator

  KEITH 1955 11:40 14 Dec 2014

Many years ago i had a little spectrum basic routine that could tell you how many ways a string of letter or numbers could be written. example abc can be written as abc acb bca bac cab cba.

Does anyone know of a pc based program that can do this.

I have microsoft student,home,office 2007 but only know how to use word so maybe i already have something that can do this.?

  bremner 11:49 14 Dec 2014

Look on a calculator for x!

This will give you the answer i.e. 3! = 3x2x1

abcd = 4! = 4x3x2x1 etc

  KEITH 1955 11:55 14 Dec 2014

Bremner dont be offended but i dont think you understand what i want i dont want to know how many combinations there are to a string of letters and numbers.

The little spectrum program let you input say abc and it would actually tell you the different ways it could be written ..... see my example !

  spuds 11:59 14 Dec 2014

Having just had a look via Google search, there seems to be a number of possibilities, including for Windows 7 or even Excel.

Majorgeeks as come up with these suggestions, whether they are of any help, then just have a browse click here

  bremner 12:04 14 Dec 2014

I didn't properly understand but your title of " Random Number Generator" and "that could tell you how many ways a string of letter or numbers could be written" both suggested you wanted to know a number

  alanrwood 20:30 15 Dec 2014

He is referring to the number of permutations there are for a given set of digits (nPr) rather than the number of combinations (nCr) There is a simple maths formula for these using factorials as mentioned above by bremner For the formula you should just look it up on Wiki as I can't actually type it here

click here should note there are more permutations than combinations



  KEITH 1955 23:20 15 Dec 2014

thanks alanrwood you found what i wanted i should have been googling for perutation generator and not random generator

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