Random Log offs and Browser Closeouts-Desparate PLEASE HELP!

  missymack23 02:37 22 Nov 2014

I may have the strangest issues yet...

My daughter suffers from chronic health problems and needed to work on a Virtual School System. The first few months all worked fine when out of the blue, our Internet Explorer browser would just close out as if someone clicked on the "X". Log in after Log in after Log in. This happened on a Dell desktop XP, Acer Windows Vista, and eventually on every computer we owned, even brand new HP Windows 8. Multiple techs performed all types of tests, virus scans, system restore, refresh and reinstall.

I even tried to cut and paste web pages to make a "text" so to speak, yet when as we opened the corresponding saved Word Document, the computers would be forced into System Restore and then shut down before the document even opened.

After thinking it was the a glitch in his account at the school or the software and the tech department could not find errors on their end I finally withdrew her.

I have even had witnesses, credible ones and school officials verify these occurrences.

This summer she needed to make up classes and since we needed the school, we opened a new account and the same thing happenened. Before we started classes I did a fresh install of Windows on all computers. However, first Windows' Banners would appear stating " You are about to be logged off "with various error codes or "You are about to be logged off" stating X amount of minutes. Then the automatic browser close outs would happen. We tried 3 separate computers with 3 different Windows and/or IE of Chrome. Problem was not able to be rectified, supposedly all our computers were the problem, even thought we would try all our computers back to back to back. Again I withdrew her.

Now she has taken ill again, but we thought we were in luck with a new virtual school, still through the same state and local county affiliation, that supposedly uses a different software to run classes than the other. She logged on and she was good to go...thankfully so relieved...until an hour later...here pops up Log Off banner with time parameter, then a Chrome Browser shutdown. When she logs back on, the school websites states that one browser session at a time may be used and to either use that one or continue and open a new one. Of course...no other browser was opened at that time!!!

I have pictures and videos of the previous school and 3 pics from today's sessions.

Please help if you can... I feel like we are chasing ghosts. I get a glitch with one website... but now???

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:29 22 Nov 2014

Random Log Offs - is this windows logging you off or just the browser.

It sounds very much like a nasty virus problem.

What antivirus software are you using?

  lotvic 13:34 22 Nov 2014

"until an hour later...here pops up Log Off banner with time parameter"

possibly there is a default time on a login? then it automatically logs you off?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:05 22 Nov 2014

Its is possible the router also has a time limited feature (often used to control internet access for youngsters.

Operating systems (XP vista) seems to think it is either a virus your picking up or a router problem

make and model of router and what antivirus anti malware are you using ?

  missymack23 17:37 22 Nov 2014

Thank you all for taking the time to help...This does not happen just at home. It happens on ANY computer we use, libraries, Apple Store, friends...ANYWHERE!

I forgot mention that we sign up for both virtual schools( although they are run by different companies) through the same entity. IE..."ABC Virtual school" is a sister school to VS1 and also enrolls students in the VS2.

Thank you again...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:32 22 Nov 2014

Please untick the thread as it isn't cured.

If its happening anywhere then its a problem with the sites you are using and you need to talk to the administrators oof ABC Virtual school and VS1

  missymack23 03:03 23 Nov 2014

Thank you Fruit Bat.. new to site.

Since the VS has never experienced this before they do not have an answer and insist she just doesn't want to work even though assignments were worked on and tried to complete exams except one cannot when your page keeps closing.

Thank you again!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:15 23 Nov 2014

Sounds like buck passing to me at best an daylight robbery at worst, providing an inadequate service which I assume you are paying for.

  lotvic 13:08 23 Nov 2014

As it happens no matter where or which pc you use -

Can you give us a link to this "ABC Virtual school"? so that we can look at the login page, I can't find it anywhere. There must be a setting on the page such as 'keep me logged in' or somesuch.

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