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  johnnyrocker 20:27 18 Aug 2005

win xp pro sp1
i have only two usb ports on board and because i needed more capacity a couple of years ago i purchased a power 4 port hub to carry camera and scanner, just lately and more frequently when i boot up the camera icon has had a red cross as is the scanner, on investigation there are no lights on the hub a restart resolves every time but it is getting a bit annoying, any ideas please?


  Technotiger 20:53 18 Aug 2005

Hi, I too have a powered 4port hub - just a thought, but perhaps your power unit is getting a bit worn-out? If you can, try it with another power supply - or - rather than doing a re-start, try just disconnecting then re-connecting the hubs power supply.


  johnnyrocker 20:56 18 Aug 2005

thanks for that i shall try it dont quite understand the restart resolving


  Technotiger 21:03 18 Aug 2005

Doing a re-start - as far as the hub is concerned, that is exactly the same as doing what I suggested - ie disconnect/reconnect power supply to hub.

  johnnyrocker 21:06 18 Aug 2005

ok i will try that next time the prob occurs.


  johnnyrocker 10:53 20 Aug 2005

well i disconnected power from hub and re connected no change in problem still no lights on the hub (co incidentally a belkin as another poster has similar issue with) as posted earlier a pc re start generally resolves but is a bit of a pain. any other ideas please?


  johnnyrocker 12:39 20 Aug 2005

any takers?


  Technotiger 15:01 20 Aug 2005

Hi, two possibilites - 1st, change hub usb connection to other port - 2nd, get a 4port pci usb2 card and connect hub to one of the usb2 ports on card.


  Technotiger 15:08 20 Aug 2005

ps - or: 3rd, don't bother with hub at all, just get a pci usb2 card with 4 ports.


  johnnyrocker 15:08 20 Aug 2005

thanks for response no probs trying the first but i dont have any usb2 facility.


  Technotiger 15:10 20 Aug 2005

You would have with a usb2 pci card - I have one in my case.

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