random freezes and turn offs

  hallgreen 19:06 21 Jul 2007


My computer has started freezing when the only thing you can do is turn off my holding the off button for several seconds and also sometimes it is turning off and then back on for no reason. I'm afraid I'm a computer numptee so have no idea! Someone said it could be the fan and therefore overheating but sometimes it does it with 2 mins of turning on when it's not warm and sometimes it's hours before it does it. I run Windows XP and previous Windows 2000. It did it with both in these last few weeks.

  eedcam 19:20 21 Jul 2007

Are you running out of space on your hard drive and also you may need to do a defrag.I'm sure you know how but just incase Start>programmes>accessories>systemtools> defrag click on analyze and it willsay if you need t. If you need to and you are short of drive space better to make some space then defrag

  hallgreen 19:42 21 Jul 2007

Many thanks for the reply but no there is loads of space on the drive and it is defragged quite regularly.

  rdave13 19:58 21 Jul 2007

May be a failing ram card. If you have two then remove one and see if the freezing or crashing continues. Do the same with the other one. Here's a link to a small ram tester, click here

  hallgreen 23:19 21 Jul 2007

Mant thanks. I hadn't thought of that. I did download the recommended bit but it stayed at 0.1% checked for 1 hour so I ahd to cancel it as it seemed like it would take 3 days to check the RAM. Perhaps I did something wrong.

  rdave13 23:32 21 Jul 2007

Just ran the test for a few seconds and it went over 5%. May be a ram problem. If you can remove one stick and try your system. Might run like glue but if it does not freeze or crash you might have found your culprit. Good luck.

  hallgreen 23:44 21 Jul 2007

"remove one stick"? Sorry as you probably know I'm a real computer dunce but I don't know what that means. I just installed the program and pressed go. How do remove a RAM? I though I just had one.

Sorry if this is a bit basic!

  hallgreen 13:35 22 Jul 2007

Many thanks. Tried to download but nothing happened! This computer lark is very complicated. You have a problem, find a possible solution, then there is a problem with the solution etc etc!

I'm trying to solve it myself but fear I may not have the knowledge and may have to pay someone!

  hallgreen 16:31 22 Jul 2007

I've downloaded to floppy the item from the link. Many thanks. When I restart the computer nothing happens. It says on the instructions it will launch but of course it doesn't tell you what to do if it doesn't launch!

  hallgreen 19:17 22 Jul 2007

I did. I just re-did it in case of a problem but it doesn't run. Reading the instructions I think I will have to chnage the start up order so the floppy starts before anything else. Unfortunately the only instructions on how to do that it gives are "see the documentation for your mother board" which I don't have so isn't very helpful!

  Press Man 19:30 22 Jul 2007

Reboot and keep tapping the delete key this should get you into the bios screen where you can change the boot order to floppy first. Do'nt forget to change it back to boot from cd/dvd when finished.

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