Random freezes and reboots wind8.1

  Karel Gysel 13:00 26 Jan 2018


First of all some history about this problem I have. it started around 2-3 years ago when i was playing a game that i would get sudden frame drops (from 200fps to 12-15 fps) for 2/3 seconds. the problem there was that my power suply (was a cheap one) couldn't give enough power to support it. after i replaced it with a better PSU this problem was gone but another problem accured. I had random freezes and bluescreens. i was using windows 7 at that time. after checking all my hardware, updating my bios, drivers and hd firmware nothing came out as a sollution. so i upgraded to windows 10. the upgrade was fine for the first 2 months but after those 2 months i got the same problems. sudden freeze into BSOD with KMODE Exception. this went on for some time. i did a full check of the hardware, i ran /sfc scannow and no problems were detected. i ran malware bytes / antivirus for possible virusses but nothing came up. so i thought that the problem could be comming from my motherboard/processor or GPU so this summer i bought a new motherboard(specs will be bellow this text) new processor, new gpu, new ram. after all this my pc didnt crash for 2 weeks. (clean instal of windows was put on). but after 2 weeks i got new crashes. so the only thing i could really chance was my SSD wich was running my operation system. so i chanced that to a 256G SSD with again a new instal of windows. this worked good for several weeks until i got new freezes and BSOD. so I decided to give my PC to my father in law who fixes PC's in his spare time and he did a full check as well and found out that there was no problem with the windows but with my RAM memory. (corsair vengance LP 8 GB DDR3. telling this now because currently i'm running on my old ram). so after i swapped it and went back home with all of it thinking it was fixed. well i was wrong. So thinking maybe the other RAM would be faulty to i swapped that for my old ram(specs bellow). even when this didn't fix anything i removed my old HD from 1TB because that was the only thing i didnt swap. But even this didnt fix the issue. so i downgraded to windows 8.1 because i was convinced that windows 10 didn't run smoothly on my PC. (slow boot, etc.) after this clean instal of windows my pc was working perfectly for more than 2 months until it suddenly froze and rebooted. it took ages to reboot and now it frequently just freezes but i has no more BSOD just a freeze and then it reboots. So i'm running out of options now. i dont want to invest in a new pc because it practicly is one but i want to find the flaw in the system. is there someone out there that could help me ?

Thanks in advance Karel PC Specs: CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8350 4.00GHZ RAM: EVO LEGEVVA GEIL 8G GPU: GTX 1060 Nvidea Motherboard: M5A97EVO R2

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