Random foreign radio coming from speakers

  woodbexhill 01:20 10 Feb 2006

Would anyone be able to explain why there is a very quiet foreign radio station coming from my logtech 5.1 surround sound speakers, even when my computer is set to mute, and the volume knob on the speakers at the minimum?

It's kinda freaking me out a bit.

  Taff™ 07:09 10 Feb 2006

The speaker leads are acting as an aerial. Try spreading them in a slightly different configuraton or buying some shielded speakers. (I think that`s what they`re called) Ferrite rings on the wires could also help I seem to remember frm another similar post.

  octal 07:10 10 Feb 2006

It happens quite often, I think in your case it could be what they call a loop, the give away is the volume knob turned down, I could be wrong but my guess is the station vanishes as you turn the volume up, which indicates the interference is on the ground connection.

A few questions, does the station vanish when you pull the plug out of the computer which goes to the speakers? If its still there then the problem is in the speakers. If the problem goes away, plug the speakers back in and try removing things like microphones and headsets. What I'm trying to establish is where the radio signal is getting in. There are ways to cure it, but I need to know where this signal is getting in first. Let us know.

I've just noticed your screen name, if you live in Bexhill you are very close to France and are probably receiving a ground wave transmission from one of their medium wave transmitters.

  €dstowe 08:38 10 Feb 2006

I was warned about this just before I moved near to the South Coast and, yes, it happened to me on both my computer speakers and on my audio system.

Cured by (as has been suggested) ferrite rings click here

Ensure that you wrap the cable at least once around the ring. You need one ring per speaker.

Apparently simple cure but it works.

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