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  Dusty254 20:40 26 Apr 2010

This is the first time I've needed to post on a forum. After years of using google to help me diagnose my own problems, I've finnaly decided to get the pro's on the case, hope you can help.

I recently helped build a new pc with a friend for a third party.
mobo - asrock h55de3
pro - intel i3
graphics - asus eah5750 formula
hdd - 2x 250gb maxtor
ram - 2 x 2gb ddr3 corsair xms3

Since the initial build, it's been pear shaped, from faulty cases to fluff in the hd port shorting the pc, to looping after a windows update, onboard sound not working on the mobo and 1 bsod. Re-installing the os at least 10 times!!!

All the above seem to be rectified. The main cause of concern has been random program errors. As soon as the os has finished only a few programs have been installed. Firefox, avira, zonealarm, malware bytes, trojan hunter, divx codecs and dvdfab.
The general pattern is the pc works fine, the programs seem to work great. restarted numerous times as the pc installs the programs to take effect, all good. after a few days of no use, when I turn the pc and click for eg. zonealarm I
will get a validation error, or something to do with the registry. If I uninstall and click on another program, again another error. Ran all spyware/anti virus - nothing. Removed graphics (see above) just in case their was any damage and diconnected the non essential stuff. Reinstalled os, same problems. This has been dragging on weeks and even the friend who built the thing is baffled.
I've taken matters into my own hands. I've ran seatools on the hard drive - all ok. Memtest v4.0 on the ram - all ok. I then used pc check v6.21 on everything except the ram - again all ok. As a final throw of the dice I decided to test the ram with pc check, an error was found on the first bank of ram ( was so excited to finally get a fault didn't write down the fault, but was something about it being coupled?!? -sorry)
I then removed both sticks and placed them both in the unused slots (marked the faulty one) restarted the test - both passed. Removed both sticks and put the stick that passed the first time in the slot which got the fail - passed. removed and put the stick that got the fault back in the original slot also - passed.
I've re-installed the graphics card, drivers went on fine, everything updated, sp3, latest version of zonealarm etc and everthing is fine as usual. I've now unplugged all leads and maybe leave it a few days and fire her up again.
Has anyone had a similar error problem?? Do you think their could of been dust/fluff in the first DIMM slot and when I've moved the ram around its dislodged?? Would that cause random errors? Could this be some kind of nasty virus??? I've used google to death and read so many forums untill my eyes bleed, any help would be greatly appreciated as the guy has been waiting nearly 2 months for his shiny new pc. Obviously I'm no noob, but take it steady on the tech talk.

  User-312386 07:45 27 Apr 2010

Have you ran prime 95 on the cpu to see if that has any errors. run it for about an hour! Also have you applied the correct ammount of thermal paste to the cpu? To much and it will overheat, to little it will overheat.

  Dusty254 18:00 27 Apr 2010

I installed a game last night after posting, it partly installed, but then got an error and went back to the desktop. I proceeded to install again, all was fine. After changing the game play controls to suit and changing a few graphic options I proceeded to start the game. The screen went black and I had to reboot. I then loaded the game again, this time it worked and I played around for around 10 mins. I shut the pc down and switched it off after doing so at the psu. Just got in from work turned the psu on and started up the pc, BSOD!!!! only the second one in 2 months!!!!
Whats best way of testing a psu? without actually getting a spare to replace the one I'm using?
I take it prime 95 is some sort of diagnostic test?? Is the test on the pc-check (eurosoft) not any good?? Really need to get this sorted before I lose my sanity and possibly the wife!!!!

  Dusty254 18:03 27 Apr 2010

STOP error 0x50 means that invalid system memory has been referenced. STOP code 0x00000050 may also display "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA" on the same STOP message.

That was the bsod error code and did also say on the screen "page fault in non paged area"

  Dusty254 18:37 27 Apr 2010

I only put the graphics card back in yesterday evening, so would I be right in saying that may have caused the bsod???
Another thing you might want to know about the pc of death is when it was first built we had trouble installing the os and the drivers for the motherboard, especially the sound for the mobo.
When we finally got the thing up and running it keep starting and turning itself off. Turns out there was fluff in the hdmi port of the graphics card!!!! That taken care off it was fine, but as you know we had errors, so we took the card out and still had errors, thats when i decided to fit it again after all the above tests. Do you think the graphics card has damaged some of the other components when it was initially shorting???
Sorry to keep waffling on, but just trying to give you as much info as possible. To rub salt into wounds even more, the supplier who we bought all the stuff off, bar the case ( and even that has it's own story!!) can't be contacted. My friend who ordred the parts has been using this guy for a couple of years. My worry is, has he gone bankrupt or something and shut down his shop!, so can't even exchange anything at the minute. Can't exactly go to his shop because we live in N.ireland and its not as if we can jump in the car and jump on the motorway!!
Anyway I'm off to drown my sorrows.
Really hope someone can help!!!!

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