Random drop of connection?

  [DELETED] 23:33 21 Feb 2006

I have a Lynksis router and it have the same problem as many other people. Sometimes its absaloutly fine and the wireless connection will stay healthy for hours upon end.
The ethernet connection is always fine no matter what. However, every so often (and often in clusters) the wireless network simply disappears to all clients currently connected. The light on the router stays as it is showing no disconnection, but all computers' wireless connections drop.
There are no other networks in range which could be interfering and at first the only thing which reconnects them is resetting the router.

I have come to learn that I can reconnect the wireless by going into the router settings and 'Disabling then Re-enabling the DHCP server.' I do this to avoid resetting the DSL connection as that seems to make things worse as we have to reconnect to the ISP. I have no idea what the DHCP server is, but turning it off and then on again reconnects all wireless network clients. But I obviously have to bring the laptop downstairs, plug in the ethernet lead and go into the settings to do this (often every 10 mins)!!!

Lynksis have no answers what so ever. I have changed channels over and over again and then even replaced the cordless phones which we use. When we did this, the connection still dropped when NO phones were in use.


Thank you so much!

  mgmcc 08:44 22 Feb 2006

The DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Server is what allocates the IP addresses to the computers that connect to the router.

It appears that some form of interference is breaking the wireless link and causing the "clients" to lose their IP address. Toggling the router's DHCP server off/on will cause the IP addresses in the client PCs to be renewed.

Try giving one of the clients a fixed IP address in the same subnet that is currently used. For example, if the router's IP address is then give the client an address such as:

IP address -

Subnet Mask -

Default Gateway - (the router's IP address)

DNS Server address - (the router's IP address)

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