random cursor movement on my Dell laptop..argh!

  polite 17:55 12 Feb 2009

I'm plagued by the cursor randomly skipping to various points on a page/field/email when I'm typing. It drives me crazy!It's definately not me brushing the touch pad - I'm certain of that, and it's definately corresponding to use of the letter 't' (it seems to happen within a second of hitting the 't' key, though not every time). At work I often have a USB mouse plugged in too, as it's easier to use. The laptop is a Dell Latitude 505, running XP Pro sp.3. Has anyone got any clues as to how I can stop this? I can't disable the touch pad within windows. Help me before I jump up and down on it! :)

  T0SH 19:02 12 Feb 2009

Check the touchpad software setup in control panel for a typing mode or a key sequence to turn it off while you are typing if all else fails ask on the Dell support forums

Cheers HC

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