Random crashes after upgrade??? please help

  sometimesiforget 20:46 02 Oct 2007

I've just today upgarded my system with a new MSI p35 neo motherboard, intel quad core 2.4ghz 4 gb ddr2 rm and a passively cooled geforce 8600gts.

I left the gfx card passively cooled when I first used it and after ten minutes in a game it froze and crashed and the card was hot to touch.

Now I have put a fan next to it in the case and am keeping the temperature at a constant 43 degrees C.

Yet after 10 minutes or so in any high detail game it either frezes the pc with a similar crash to before or I get graphics artefacts on the screen and blocky textures.

This sounds like graphic cards issues to me, but I have the latest Nvidia drivers and the temperature is now constant.

Is there any way the card may have been damaged by overheating??

Could it be anything else???

Are there any tests I can run to give me a defnitive answer?

  citadel 21:00 02 Oct 2007

did you upgrade your psu as lack of stable power can cause crashes.

  sometimesiforget 21:56 02 Oct 2007

I kept my 450W PSU, do you think this needs an upgrade, I assumed it would be ok?

  sometimesiforget 20:49 03 Oct 2007

Well I just fitted a brand new 600W PSU and despite looking good intitally started getting blue screen- restarts again.

Any ideas anybody???

  woodchip 20:52 03 Oct 2007

Did you clear the Drive, And then do a Complete Reinstall of OS? and load all the Drivers you got with the new Ugrade? If not I would say that is the Problem

  sometimesiforget 20:53 03 Oct 2007

Yeah its a clean install of xp sp2

  woodchip 21:00 03 Oct 2007

If you look hear click here#
I think you are pushing it with only a 450watt PSU if it's a cheap one then it may be over the limit. Don't forget that the PSU as also got to supply the rest of the Hardware. Plus if you have a lot of drives these will zap the PSU power

  sometimesiforget 21:01 03 Oct 2007

Yeah, I though so as well, so I have just fitted a new 600W PSU with the same problems.

  woodchip 21:09 03 Oct 2007

Have you checked for Memory Problems? like if you have two sticks take one out, Swap them and slots to test

  woodchip 21:11 03 Oct 2007

One more thing you could try is In BIOS, reduce clock speed to see if it will keep running. It could also be bug in the BIOS if it's a new MOBO

  sometimesiforget 21:13 03 Oct 2007

Just found a bios upgrade, will try that out and report back

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