Random crashes after new hard drive install

  jackh123 16:37 29 Jan 2018

Specs: Nvidia GTX 1060 16GB 2600mhz RAM AMD RYZEN 5 1600 Windows 10 64 bit (all up to date)

All drivers are up to date too.

Hi there, I recently upgraded my pc with a new HDD and SDD (windows 10 installed onto the ssd) it was a clean install and everything seemed to go ok. Although for some reason now my computer seems to crash out of nowhere, the programs will stop responding, then turn black and sometimes once that happens the computer beeps at me (once it beeped 5 times, and yesterday it beeped once) then it will just hang on a black screen and I have to press restart

I used prime95 as it seemed to happen under load, to which it started crashing when my cpu hit around 73 degrees (it didnt exceed 80) it was recommended I turn off the power setting that powers down the hard drive after 10 minutes, I changed this to NEVER, and thought it had fixed the issue as after running prime95 after this changed it was absolutely fine.

I also tried increasing the size of the page file, but that has not helped.

Everything was going well until yesterday I booted up my pc, opened chrome and within a few minutes the same crash happened again...

I have no idea what to do, or where to look. Any ideas guys?

Thanks a lot.

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