Random BSOD and reboots?

  jake2 23:30 04 Sep 2009

I recently got a new PC and have noticed some unusual behaviour.
When it first booted up saw the blue scren come up then it shut down and rebooted. I did notice briefly during this that the first attempt was at 1600mhz and the succesful second attempt was 1064mhz.
Could the DDR3 memory be causing a problem at 1600mhz? So the pc rebooted in a safer configuration? Why would the ram cause the pc to fail? If that is the cause. How can I check for sure what caused this?
Can I change/adjust anything to allow it to run at 1600?
I Flashed the bios on the mobo to see if that would help. I think it is a bit more stable but not convinced yet.
I've just played Crysis tonight with everything set to maximum and it seemed to manage that ok, so maybe its ok.
What do you think?

The PC spec is:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83 Ghz 12Mb Cache,
4GB Corsair Memory DDR3 1600 (2 x 2gb),
1000GB SATA Hard Drive single drive,
Power Cool 650Watt,
896Mb GTX275 PCI Express Nvidia DDR DVI, QCE - MSI P45D3 Platinum X-fire- 1600FSB DDR3 1600x4 P45 chipset,

  woodchip 23:34 04 Sep 2009

1064mhz think you are reading CPU speed at Idle when its not doing a lot of work

  jake2 23:36 04 Sep 2009

Oh ok woodchip. So the ram is ok? Where should I look next?

  woodchip 23:36 04 Sep 2009

With a New Computer you should not need to start mending it. Take it back and ask for a new one, tell them it does not work right

  jake2 23:40 04 Sep 2009

Thats a good point! For the most part it seems work ok now, I ordered it online so I'm not that keen on sending it away for days to get checked out. I will if I have to but I'm curious as to possible causes of this and to see if theres anything I can to to fix it or test it to make certain its ok?

  jake2 00:02 05 Sep 2009

Am I reading this wrong. Can the memory speed be changed?
I ran performance test and it showed the FSB speed as 1333. Maybe this was the figure I saw?
Nothing to do with the ram. It was the FSB?
Why would the pc not boot up with the fsb at 1600?

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