Random blue screens and reboots

  jaybee 10:28 28 Apr 2003

Building a pc for vinyl to cd transfer. Kit as follows:
abit nf7-s; WD caviar 120 Gb; AMD XP2800+; 3 x 512mb sticks PC3200; Geforce2 MX400; generic 48X CDRW; Coolermaster 5 fan case with 300watt psu.

What a nightmare. Took all day to get the XP pro o/s loaded due to many blue screens with no pattern to their message. There were two or three MEMORY_MANAGEMENT stop messages, a couple of PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGE_AREA messages, a couple saying that the problem appeared to be the file ntfs.sys and one saying that a file (metal_ss.dll)had not copied correctly and was not a valid XP system image and that if I was copying fom a CD the XP cd might be faulty. Tried reseating the video card which might not have been rammed fully into its socket though I could not be certain about that. Disconnected a couple of fans in case of psu overload and took two sticks of memory out even though the bios memory check went ok all day.
Eventually managed to load WinXP, reinserted 2 mem sticks with the accompaniment of a few blue screens. Installed Audigy2 s/blaster only after all this. No XP updates or SP1 installed or even a modem but now the machine regularly reboots of its own accord though usually allowing the intended action to proceed as planned after the surprise reboot. In other words the requests are being executed eventually. But this is the most unstable pc ever since the far off days when win95 was brand new. I would not dare to process let alone store anything of value on this treacherous hardware and yet the spec suggests it should be a thoroughly modern and swiftish bit of kit.

Help please.

  Hobbit 11:36 28 Apr 2003

I had a similar problem when building my pc. Turned out to be the cpu overheating. I had not fitted the heatsink, heat transfer grease and fan properly. Just a thought!

  Infamous 12:38 28 Apr 2003

Seems to be related to your memeory try with 1 stick at a time. I have had this kind of problem to till i changed the memory. There are programs around that can test the memory such as Memdoc. This will tell you if there is any errors. And also i would check if your PSU is powerfull enough because 300 w is quite low and wot make PSU and Memory do you have?

  mysterious_543 12:43 28 Apr 2003

I had the same prob with the cpu grease. i took it to PC world and after being made £50 lighetr they told me that there wasn't enough on there so put some on.

  jaybee 19:58 28 Apr 2003

for your thoughts. My bios tells me that the temp is well within limits, but that doesn't mean a lot if the temp is being underrecorded. I'm also fully in agreement regarding th PSU. Thats where i'll go first and will report back tomorrow. Thanks again.

  jaybee 18:55 30 May 2003

I've been away for a while but as a courtesy to those who kindly took an interest I am reporting back as promised. The psu upgrade made no difference but I'm glad I did it anyway. However, almost magically the problems disappeared and the machine became a sweetly behaved little scorcher as soon as the DDR 400 memory was swapped for DDR 333. Apparently the DDR 400 memory was not faulty. I'm not clever enough to know why but the mobo and the superfast memory would not talk to each other in a civilised way. Maybe this is a pointer for anyone else thinking of building a machien with similar specs.

Thanks again.

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